Aurel Stefanie

3D Animation & Visual Effect

Ninjago : I’m Only Yours and You’re Only Mine {Chapter 13}

With Misako and Lloyd, they had just finished Lloyd’s check up. The doctor came with the results and sat by his desk.

“Alright,the results are in.” The doctor said.

“How is my son?” Misako asked.

“Well,it seems that…he has a fever.I will give you the medicine and he needs to have plenty of rest.” The doctor said and took a deep breath.

“Is..everything ok?” Misako asked.

“Mrs.Garmadon,may I talk to you privately?” The doctor asked.

“Of course.” Misako answered and went with the doctor.

They went outside of the room and the doctor sighed.

“What is it?” Misako asked.

“Your son…doesn’t just have a fever.His..mental is…sort of…down.” The doctor said and it sure worried Misako.

“What do you mean?” Misako asked.

“Is there something or someone that he misses?Like other members of his family or friends?” The doctor asked.

“He does misses his father.” Misako answered.

“Well,..I’m sorry to say this,but..” The doctor started.

“What is it?Is he ok?” Misako asked in worries.

“He’ll be alright,but…he has…a mental breakdown.” The doctor answered.

“What?!” Misako asked in shock and worries.

“But he’ll be alright.It’ll go away when he meets his father.” The doctor said.

“Alright,I understand.” Misako said and they both went back inside.

Lloyd noticed them coming back in the room and the both went back to their seats.

“What did the doctor tell you?” Lloyd asked.

“It’s just about the medicine you need to take.” Misako lied.

Meanwhile, the ninja had just arrived at the clinic and they tried to find a doctor. When they found one, they went to the the female doctor.

“Doctor,she needs help!” Nya said to the female doctor.

“Come with me to my office.” The female doctor said and they took Harumi to the doctor’s office.

She checked Harumi’s temperature and everything and knew immediately what was wrong with her.

“She has a mental breakdown and…a fever.Her temperature is pretty warm.Has she been stressing out lately?” The doctor asked.

“We don’t know actually,when we went to her,we found her like this and she was murmuring a name.” Kai answered.

“She must have been missing someone.I will go get the medicine and you can take her home.” The doctor said and left the room.

Jay suddenly had a thought.

“Is it weird to assume that…Harumi “actually” likes Lloyd?Like,..truly?” Jay asked.

“Maybe.But it could be possible.” Nya said.

“Why is that?” Kai asked.

“Remember when Harumi disguised herself as a doctor?When we were trying to take her away from Lloyd,she was crying..pretty hysterically.And when she was in a cell,she kept crying,begging to be let out.And she only mentioned one reason,she wanted to talk to Lloyd.” Nya explained.

“It could be an act though.” Cole said.

“I’m also surprised myself,there are 98,5% chance that Harumi wasn’t acting and really wanted to be with Lloyd.” Zane said.

“That’s pretty high.” Jay commented.

“But why?She has always hated Lloyd,why does she suddenly like him?” Nya asked.

“I think only Harumi can answer that.” Kai answered.

“We can always ask her.” Cole said.

“Not in this condition.Her condition is a little unstable,if we ask her when she’s like this,it may worsen.” Zane said.

“Lloyd..” Harumi murmured again.

“Is she obsessed now?” Jay asked and Kai hit his head.

“What was that for?!” Jay whined.

“Stop being silly,it could be another game she’s playing.” Kai said.

“Have you seriously doubt a nindroid and a doctor?!” Zane asked.

“Uhh..” Kai said.

“Well,Master Wu wants us to handle her.So,we have to take her to the Monastery with us.” Nya said.

“Alright.” Jay replied.

“Lloyd..” Harumi murmured again.

“Geez,I wonder how Misako will react to this.” Kai said.

The doctor came and gave the medicine to Nya.

“You can give her this when her temperature is high,but only after she eats.And if you can,try to find someone she’s missing,it will heal her faster.” The doctor said.

“We will.Thank you,doc.” Cole said and they left with Harumi to the bounty.

But they got to run into Misako and Lloyd.

“Guys?” Lloyd asked.

“Oh.Hey,buddy!” Kai greeted back and hid Harumi and Cole behind him.

“What are you doing here?” Misako asked.

“Oh,we just..umm…” Jay started.

“We were just worried about Lloyd and figured you’d be here since he’s not feeling well.” Kai lied.

“I’m fine,guys.Don’t worry.” Lloyd assured.

“That’s good to hear.Anyway,we’re gonna go back to the Monastery.We’re heading to the bounty right now.” Nya said.

“We’re going back to the Monastery too.Maybe we can-” Lloyd said but was cut off by..

“Lloyd..” A murmur was heard.

“Did..someone call me?” Lloyd asked.

“You’re just hearing things,buddy.” Jay lied.

“Lloyd..” Another murmur was heard.

“I definitely heard that.” Lloyd said.

“Let’s just go back to the Monastery.And believe us,you’re just hearing things.” Kai said.

“I also heard it.” Misako said.

“Oh..hehe…” Jay replied nervously.

“You guys aren’t hiding anything from us,are you?” Lloyd asked with suspicion.

“No,of course not!Anyway,we should go back home!” Cole lied.

“Alright.Let’s go then,I’m getting kinda tired anyway.” Lloyd said and they went to the bounty.

The ninja went to Nya’s cabinet while Lloyd and Misako went to Lloyd’s cabinet. They were relieved that Lloyd and Misako didn’t find out that they were indeed hiding something, or rather, “someone”.

“That was close.” Jay said.

“You don’t say.Misako and Lloyd nearly found out.” Kai said.

“But you know they are going to find out eventually.” Cole said.

“We know, is not the time.” Kai replied.

Meanwhile, Lloyd was laying down on his bed, still coughing a bit. But that’s not all that was going on.

“Come on,you need to rest.” Misako said but Lloyd just looked away with a frown.

“What’s wrong,son?” Misako asked.

Lloyd still looked away but he decided to speak up.

“Where’s dad?” Lloyd asked.

Misako just stayed quiet, not knowing what to answer.

“Why is he never here when I need him?He’d always disappear.” Lloyd questioned as a tear rolled down his cheek.

“Since I was born,while I was growing up,you even had to send me to a boarding school,then during battle,and after the battle,he’d always disappear,in front of my eyes and behind my back!And now when I’m sick!Instead,it wasn’t my father that has always been next to me,it has only been my uncle!” Lloyd complained.

“He left for a reason,Lloyd.” Misako said.

“For what reason,mom?!For what reason?!I’m tired of always being left behind!!All dad ever do is just leave me behind!Evil or good!!There’s no different!” Lloyd complained.

“He did it to protect you.” Misako said, trying to get Lloyd to understand.

“I don’t need protection!!I’m not a baby!!” Lloyd complained and was about to run off, but Misako stopped him.

“Where do you think you’re going?You need to rest.” Misako said.

Lloyd sighed and leaned back against his pillow again while looking away.

“He’ll come back one day.” Misako said.

“When?!” Lloyd asked.

Misako sighed and said, “I’ll try to call him when we get to the Monastery.”

Lloyd just sighed and decided to go to sleep because he was getting pretty tired. Once he was asleep, Misako decided to try to message Garmadon.


Misako : “Garmadon,please come to the Monastery.It’s urgent!”


Then Misako put her phone away and sighed.

“Please come,Garmadon.Your son really needs you.” Misako said in hope and sighed while placing her hand on Lloyd’s forehead.

“Dad…” Lloyd murmured.

After they arrived at the Monastery, Misako took Lloyd to his room and laid him down.

“Mom.” Lloyd called.

“What is it,Lloyd?” Misako asked.

“Can I read a book?” Lloyd asked.

“You need to rest.” Misako answered.

“I can rest while reading.” Lloyd said.

“Don’t you want to talk to your father?I’m going to call him.” Misako asked.

“Is he even going to answer?” Lloyd asked and pushed Misako’s phone away.

“I’ll just try.You can wait while reading.” Misako said and went to Lloyd’s desk and gave him a book to read.

Then she left the room and closed the door. She looked at her phone and took a deep breath, hoping Garmadon would answer. She then dialed Garmadon’s number and it started ringing.

“Come on,Garmadon.Please answer.” Misako said in hope, but..

“Oh great,he’s not answering!” Misako sighed and looked back at Lloyd’s room.

“How am I gonna tell him?” Misako asked herself.

Meanwhile, the ninja were still in the extra room with Harumi. She was still murmuring Lloyd’s name.

“I’m gonna call Master Wu.” Jay said and left the room.

“Lloyd…” Harumi murmured.

“Do you think we should tell them?” Cole asked.

“I don’t think now is the right time.” Zane answered.

“Yeah,maybe we should just wait until both Lloyd and Harumi get better.” Nya said, agreeing with Zane.

“Lloyd..” Harumi murmured again.

“What happened?” Wu asked as soon as he entered the room.

“Harumi has a mental breakdown.She keeps murmuring Lloyd’s name.” Kai explained.

“Then she will need to stay with Lloyd,in one room.” Wu said and the ninja were in shock.

“One room?!” Jay asked.

“Really,sensei?!Why-” Kai asked but Wu stopped him.

“This needs to be done.Lloyd is also in the same condition and situation,and only Harumi can help him.” Wu said.

“Help him how?” Nya asked.

“She got close with both Garmadon and Lloyd.She could help Lloyd get close to his father.But in order to do it,she needs to get close with Lloyd again.” Wu explained and the ninja looked at him with the looks of disagreement.

“Not until a couple.As good friends should be enough.” Wu said.

“Ok.That sounds better.” Jay said.

“Yep.It’s for the better anyway.” Kai added.

“But if it does work out between them,then let them.It is their choice to make.” Wu said.

“No way,Master W-” Kai complained but Wu stopped him.

“The choice is not yours to make Kai.It is between Lloyd and Harumi,let them make the choice what they want to be.” Wu said.

“Yes,sensei.” Kai sighed and left the room with his friends.

Wu approached Harumi and sat next to her as she kept murmuring Lloyd’s name. Same with Lloyd, he kept murmuring his father as Misako sat next to him.

“I have to do something.” Misako and Wu said at the same time.