Aurel Stefanie

3D Animation & Visual Effect

Ninjago : I’m Only Yours and You’re Only Mine {Chapter 7}

Misako took Lloyd to his room and lay him down on his bed.

“Rest here.Don’t get out of bed.” Misako told Lloyd.

“Ok,mom.” Lloyd replied and just rested.

Misako sat next to Lloyd as he lay his head on Misako’s lap and she placed her left hand on the side of Lloyd’s head. Before Lloyd went to sleep, he reached out to Misako’s right hand with his left hand. Soon enough, he fell asleep. Misako stroked Lloyd’s head lovingly.

Meanwhile at the dungeon, Harumi was thinking of a way to get out of the dungeon so she could get to Lloyd. after 6 minutes, she couldn’t think of anything, until she thought of something.

“I hope this works.” She said to herself and started screaming.


Kai, Cole, and Jay who heard Harumi’s scream immediately ran to thew dungeon but Zane stopped them.

“Zane,what are you doing?!The S.O.G are gonna-” Jay complained but Zane cut him off.

“The Sons of Garmadon are still in Kryptarium Prison,none of them have broken out.” Zane told them.

“Hang on,then that white hair girl was just pretending?!” Kai asked in disbelief that he was about to walk into Harumi’s trap again.

Zane nodded and Jay, Kai, and Cole felt stupid for nearly falling into Harumi’s trap.

“Let’s pretend we never hear her.Let’s see who can break Zane’s record in the game of Fist to Face 2 instead!” Kai suggested and they ran to the video game room.

Back in the dungeon cell, Harumi stopped pretending as she assumed that her plan didn’t work.

“Great!How am I gonna get to Lloyd now?!” She complained and she looked at the cell, she did not like the idea, but it was worth the risk.

“I’m doing this for you,Lloyd.Only for you.” She said as a motivation for herself and tried to break the metal bars with her bare hands. BARE HANDS?!

She hissed, screamed, and whined in pain lots of time as her hands got hurt from all the strength she used to break the bars. After she broke two of the bars, she got out of the cell and walked to the door. She peeked through the lock to see if anyone was in there. After she saw that no one was there, she knocked the door down by kicking it. She figured everyone would know she escaped, so she didn’t have much time, she immediately ran to Lloyd’s room. She knew that Misako would be in her son’s room with him so she decided to knock on the door, and pretend she was Nya since they both were females.

“Who is it?” Misako asked.

“It’s Nya!I need to speak to you,Misako!” Harumi answered, trying to imitate Nya’s voice.

“Are you ok?Why do you sound so different?” Misako asked, feeling a bit suspicious.

“Probably because I’m speaking from the other side of the door!” Harumi lied.

“Alright.What do you need?” Misako asked as if she believed Harumi’s lie.

“I need your help!Would you mind opening the door and come here?” Harumi asked.

“I gotta watch over my son,Nya!He needs me!” Misako said.

“It’ll be quick!I promise!” Harumi said and Misako walked to the door.

Once she opened it, Harumi punched her in the face and placed her, sitting down and leaning against a wall in the hallway(There was a bit of blood stain from Harumi’s hands on Misako’s face). She walked in to Lloyd’s room and locked the door as soon as she closed it. Then she made her way to Lloyd and saw him sleeping so peacefully. She walked to him and was about to hold his hand, until she had a second thought.

“Should I?He might wake up if I do it.But..I need to talk to him,I have to do it.” She thought to herself and held Lloyd’s right hand with her left hand.

Her left hand started making its way to Lloyd’s right cheek and she blindly got closer to him. Her face started moving down towards Lloyd’s and she nearly kissed him, until he murmured something.

“Dad..” Lloyd murmured and Harumi moved her head away from Lloyd.

“Am I…not your..child? I to..y-you?” Lloyd murmured as a tear was forming in his eye.

Harumi wiped Lloyd’s tear, which woke him up a little.

“Mom?” He asked and sat.

Once he saw that it was Harumi instead of his mother, he was shocked and nearly punched Harumi in the face, Harumi caught his wrist with tears forming in her eyes. When Lloyd saw that Harumi’s hands were bleeding, he showed an unhappy expression towards Harumi.

“Quit the act,Harumi!And where’s my mom?!Did you do something to he-” Lloyd asked but Harumi cut him off.

“I didn’t do anything to anyone!!Well,maybe to your mom,but that was only so I could get to you!” Harumi said.

“Why?!So you can kill me?!” Lloyd asked.

“No!!I’m not that Harumi anymore!I’m a changed person!” Harumi convinced but Lloyd just got even colder towards her.

“Yeah,yeah,and I’m an evil person!Now GET OUT OF MY ROOM!!” Lloyd shouted and pushed Harumi but Harumi just pulled Lloyd towards her and kissed him.

Lloyd tried to get away but Harumi wouldn’t let him go.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the door, Wu saw Misako was leaning against a wall with blood on her face.

“MISAKO!!” Wu screamed and ran towards Misako then tried to wake her up.

“Misako,wake up!!What happened?!” Wu asked, but Misako didn’t wake up.

Wu then turned to Lloyd’s room and knocked on the door.

“Lloyd,what’s going on in there?!” He asked, but no sound was heard.

Wu turned to see Misako waking up as she placed her hand on her forehead.

“Wu,what hap-” She asked, but then she remembered when she opened the door and saw a bit of white hair.

“LLOYD!!” She screamed and tried to open the door, but it was locked.

“Misako,what’s going on?!” Wu asked, concerned.

“It’s Harumi!!She’s with Lloyd!She escaped and knocked me out!” Misako answered while trying to break the door down.

Wu was shocked and worried at the same time, he helped Misako knock the door down.

“HARUMI,LEAVE LLOYD ALONE!!!!” Misako yelled and kicked the door, but the door wouldn’t break.

“NINJAS,COME!!HELP US!!” Wu called and the ninja came.

“Wu,what’s wrong?!” Kai asked, concerned.

“Harumi tricked me!She made me believe it was Nya who was calling me,and now she’s in there with Lloyd!!” Misako answered while trying to open the door.

“She pretended to be ME?!Oh,that really makes me angry!!” Nya shouted and tried to break the door down too.

“Stand back!I got this!” Cole said and broke the door down with his earth power.

They immediately ran in to the room and saw Harumi was kissing Lloyd. Misako pushed Harumi away and hugged Lloyd tight with so much anxiety. Kai and Cole held Harumi back as she was trying to go back to being near Lloyd.

“Are you ok,Lloyd?!” Misako asked with worries.

“I’m ok,mom.Don’t worry.” Lloyd answered and leaned his head on Misako’s left shoulder.

Wu looked at Harumi with an angry face.

“Kai,Cole,come with me,and take Harumi with you.I need to have a word with her!” Wu said and walked out of the room.

Kai and Cole followed him and took Harumi with them as she was trying to get away from them. Nya, Jay, and Zane left the room as well, giving Misako and Lloyd some space.

“She didn’t do anything to you,did she?!” Misako asked in so much anxiety.

“She didn’t,mom.She just..well,…” Lloyd said, but felt a bit insecure about whether he should tell his mother or not, but he made it pretty obvious, he covered his lips.

“I saw it.” She said and Lloyd was relieved.

He looked at Misako and saw the stain of blood on Misako’s face.

“Mom,what happened?!You’re bleeding!!” Lloyd asked panickedly.

“Don’t worry,Lloyd.It’s just a blood stain..from Harumi.” Misako assured and Lloyd suddenly remembered when Harumi caught his wrist with her bloody hand.

He then looked at his wrist and was confused, was it another part of her plan or was she being true for once?

“Wait here,I’ll get something to clean it up.” Misako said and went to get a wet cloth.

“When will she leave me alone?I’m really sick of her.” Lloyd said and leaned against his pillow.

Meanwhile, Harumi was standing near the door in Wu’s meditation room, alone with Wu.

“I don’t want to harm Lloyd anymore,I swear!” Harumi started.

“I know.” Wu said

“I know you still don’t believe me but I-..” Harumi said but realized what Wu just said and asked, “Y-You knew?!” in surprise.

“Yes.I have known ever since you took Lloyd with you.” Wu said.

“H-How?” Harumi asked confusedly.

“I will show you once Lloyd is asleep,at night.” Wu answered and Harumi was confused.

“What does Lloyd have anything to do with you knowing my true intention?” Harumi asked.

“I will show you-” Wu said but Harumi cut him off.

“Once Lloyd is asleep at night?” Harumi asked and Wu chuckled.

“Yes.” He answered and Harumi sighed.