Aurel Stefanie

3D Animation & Visual Effect

Ninjago : I’m Only Yours and You’re Only Mine{Chapter 17}

After no luck finding Garmadon in the Monastery, the ninja decided to go back to the bounty. But when they got back,..

“Where did they go?!” Jay asked.

“They were just here!” Kai panicked.

Everyone looked for their 3 missing friends everywhere in the bounty, but they couldn’t find them.

“Where could they have gone?!” Cole asked, not feeling calm at all.


“Lloyd,slow down!!” Harumi shouted Misako and herself were trying to catch up to Lloyd.

But Lloyd wouldn’t slow down. He kept running faster and faster and eventually, he tripped over and he fell off a cliff, his shirt got stuck to a hanging tree branch. He was now hanging upside down.

Misako and Harumi got really worried.

“Oh my gosh,Lloyd!How did you get all the way down there?!” Misako asked worriedly.

“I’ve told you to slow down!” Harumi scolded.

“Scold me later!Help me now,please!” Lloyd said, glaring at Harumi.

Harumi sighed and tried to find something to get Lloyd back safe. She then spotted a vine and told Lloyd to grab on to it. She slowly got the vine to Lloyd for him to grab, but it turned out to be a weak vine and it broke instantly.

“Gah!!” Lloyd screamed.

“Sorry!I’ll try to find something else!” Harumi shouted.

“Maybe I can create my Elemental Dragon and fly back up there!” Lloyd shouted.

“Elemental Dragon?” Harumi thought.

“Lloyd,you’re sick!It’s too dangerous for you to be using your powers!” Misako shouted.

“What other choice do I have,mom?!” Lloyd shouted.

“Lloyd,you better not-” Misako warned but Lloyd did not listen and created his Elemental Dragon.

Misako facepalmed and sighed.

“Lloyd,becareful!” Harumi shouted.

“I got it!Don’t wor-AAH!!” Lloyd assured but his dragon suddenly vanished.

Since he was unwell, his powers were uncontrollable just as Misako feared. Harumi and Misako got scared.

“LLOYD!!” They screamed and Harumi immediately teleported Lloyd to them.

“Why didn’t I think of that before?” Harumi thought, unhappy with herself.

Misako immediately hugged Lloyd tight and kissed his forehead.

“What were you thinking?!I’ve told you NOT to use your powers!!” Misako scolded.

“Sorry,mom.And..thanks,Rumi.” Lloyd said and smiled at Harumi.


“Ok,ok!Sorry!But I just didn’t want to-“

“See your father.We know.” Harumi finished Lloyd’s sentence.

“But,Lloyd.I thought you-” Misako said but Lloyd cut her off.

“Just forget about it,mom.I never want to see him again.If he truly cares about me,he’ll come to me himself.I don’t want him to see me because someone else asked him to.It’s not the same.” Lloyd began to cry.

Misako gently pulled him close and rubbed his back.

“But,Lloyd.Finding your father is very important.You need him.” Misako said.

“I don’t need him.I don’t want any father that doesn’t even care about his own child!!” Lloyd ran off.

“Lloyd!!” Harumi shouted and sighed.

Misako could only sigh and look down. Harumi went over to her.

“We should go after him to make sure he doesn’t get into any more trouble.We’ll try to talk to him again later.” Harumi suggested, and Misako nodded.

They both followed Lloyd back to the bounty. As soon as they got there, they took Lloyd to his room to rest. Wu and the ninja went over to them immediately in relief.

“Thank goodness,you’re ok.Where were you?” Wu asked.

“I’ll tell you later.But for now,let’s just head back to the Monastery.” Misako said.

Wu and the ninja got confused.

“But..we haven’t found Garmadon yet.He’s not in the-” Kai said but Harumi cut him off.

“Let’s just go back.Lloyd really needs to rest and the Monastery is the best place for him to rest.”

They all heavily agreed and flew back to the Monastery. But Lloyd was extremely quiet the whole way back. Everyone grew worried.

An hour later, they reached the Monastery and took Lloyd back to his room. They all stayed with him, waiting for him to say a single word, but nothing came out. His eyes didn’t even move to look around, he was just staring at the edge of his bed. But not even he knew where he was looking or what he was looking at.

His friends tried to cheer him up while Misako talked to Wu about what happened and what Lloyd had said before they went back to the bounty.

But Lloyd did not give any reaction. Not even annoyance.

“How about a book?” Harumi suggested.

Lloyd didn’t respond.

“2 books?” Harumi asked.

Lloyd didn’t respond.

“3?5?” Harumi asked again.

Still no response from Lloyd.

“A hundred!” Harumi jumped with a smile.

“No!No way he’s reading THAT many books!” Kai opposed, swinging his arms as he talked.

“He’ll end up not sleeping the whole night!” Cole added.

“50?” Harumi asked.

“No.” The ninja answered.

“20?” Harumi asked.

The ninja just gave her looks, their answers were obvious.

“Fine.” Harumi rolled her eyes.

They kept thinking about what to do to cheer Lloyd up. But no matter what they did, Lloyd still wouldn’t respond to anything they did or say.

Harumi kept staying with Lloyd all the time to make sure he was doing alright. She was too afraid to leave him, even for just a second. Misako also never left her son’s sight.

3 months later, Lloyd’s condition got even worse. He had ripped every photo of his father, deleted his father’s number, and blocked his father on all social media. But it had only made him more depressed.

Wu tried to stop him but Lloyd wouldn’t listen. Lloyd also refused to eat and Misako was only able to get Lloyd to eat only once or twice a day. Lloyd would either leave his food or threw it out.

His health became unstable and he ended up spending weeks in the-…