Aurel Stefanie

3D Animation & Visual Effect

Ninjago : I’m Only Yours and You’re Only Mine {Chapter 12}

She walked out of the room in tears and went out of the monastery. She tried to run away but….

“Harumi?Where are you going?” Wu asked.

“W-Wu?I thought….I thought you were meditating.” Harumi said in confusion.

“I was.And the smoke spirit told me that you’d be out of your room,trying to run away.” Wu said.

Harumi sighed and looked away.

“I thought you wanted to start over with Lloyd.” Wu said.

“I did..but…I think…I might be just…drifting Lloyd apart from his family more.Today we both snuck out and his mother texted him,and he didn’t even reply.I mean,not that I mind!But I just…I’m just a bother.I mean he’s already away from his father because of me!I can’t let him be away from his mother too!” Harumi said as she started crying.

“You are not drifting him away from anyone.In fact,the way I see it,you two seem to be getting along pretty well.You two have built up with each other in just a day.Everything is started perfectly.” Wu said.

“Not everything looks as it is,Wu.It’s best if I leave.If you want to talk to me,you can just come to my apartment.” Harumi said and walked away.

Wu sighed and stood there, thinking what he should do. But his mind was blank. He wanted Harumi and Lloyd to get along so that Lloyd wouldn’t get angry everytime he sees Harumi. And in order for him to get along with his father, he needed to get along with Harumi first.

“With Harumi’s help,the father and son will be reunited.But without her,…they may never get along and soon,…it will be too late.” Wu said and sighed again.

He went to his room and tried to think of something to help Harumi and Lloyd get along. He walked back and forth as his hand was brushing his beard. Then,…he found an idea.

“I hope they will listen and try to understand.” Wu hoped.

Meanwhile, Harumi was walking down the streets in Ninjago. She cried while trying to find her old apartment. Once she found it, she walked up the stairs and found her room, room 2678. She went in the room and locked the door. She then sat down on her bed while crying and was finally able to let all of her tears out. She then remembered when she brought Lloyd to her apartment and they had an argument. She started hating herself more.

“How could I have thought that…things would change between you and me?!” Harumi asked with anger towards herself.

“Just WHY,LLOYD?!?!WHY?!?!” Harumi cried even louder.

She stared at her bag and took out some clothes to hang in the wardrobe. After she finished settling in, she went to bed. But she couldn’t sleep because she was thinking about Lloyd.

Meanwhile at the Monastery, Lloyd woke up because of the weird feeling he had. He looked on his side and saw that his mother was sleeping with her hand on his arm. He gently moved it away as he stood out of bed. He snuck out of his room and walked over to Harumi’s room. He hesitated for a sec but he decided to ignore it and opened the door.

Once he opened the door, he was surprised to see the room was empty. No clothes, no bags,….no Harumi.

“Harumi?” Lloyd asked as he looked around, trying to find Harumi.

He kept looking around the room but she was nowhere in sight.

“Where is she?” Lloyd asked and went out of the room.

He tried to sneak out to the training field but his cough just…stopped him.

“Gosh,this cough is getting annoying!” Lloyd complained.

“Then why are you up so late and not resting in bed?!” A voice asked and Lloyd nearly jumped.

“Oh great..” Lloyd whined and turned around to see..

“What were you doing anyway?” Misako asked.

“I was…just..u-umm….” Lloyd tried to find an excuse but he couldn’t come up with a single one.

Misako was about to say something but Lloyd got saved by his cough. Misako took him to their room and laid him down on the bed.

“Don’t get up again,you know how your condition is,Lloyd!You need to rest as much as you can!” Misako told him while putting the blanket over Lloyd’s body.

“I know,mom.I’m sorry.” Lloyd apologized.

Misako sighed and placed her hand on Lloyd’s forehead.

“It’s fine,just don’t do that again.” Misako said.

“I promise.” Lloyd said.

“Alright,go back to sleep now.” Misako said and they both went to sleep.

And this time, Misako held Lloyd closer to make sure he didn’t get out of bed again. But Lloyd suddenly woke up again.

“Mom.” Lloyd called.

“What is it,son?You need something?” Misako asked.

“Can I ask you something?” Lloyd asked.

“You can ask me anything.” Misako said.

“Do you think…dad will…come back and…be back to..good again?” Lloyd asked.

Misako had no idea what to answer. She had no idea if Garmadon would even turn back to good.

“I’m not sure,son.Only time will tell.” Misako answered.

Lloyd could only sigh and looked down.

“Now go back to sleep,you need rest so you can get better.” Misako said and Lloyd started falling asleep.

Soon enough, everyone was asleep. But Wu and Lloyd could hardly sleep, but at least Lloyd could sleep easier because of his condition, he was even more tired than everyone else.

In the morning, Wu told the ninja to meet up with him at the training field. After they all gathered up, Wu satrted talking.

“So,I asked you to come here to talk about Lloyd and Harumi.” Wu started.

But as soon as Wu mentioned the name “Harumi”, they became unhappy and started saying their opinions about her.

“What?!Why her?!” Cole asked.

“She’s evil,Master Wu!!EVIL!!” Jay shouted.

“Don’t you remember what she did to Lloyd?!” Nya asked.

“Lloyd is now out of control because of her!!” Kai complained.

“Master,I don’t think Harumi is worth talking about.” Zane said calmly.

“I know you all dislike her,and she did do those things.But trust me,she has changed for the better,I can assure you.” Wu said.

“Assure us how?” Cole asked.

“That,I want you to find out on your own.” Wu said and the ninja became confused.

“Come on,Wu!Don’t be so cryptic!” Jay whined.

“If I tell you,you will not understand.But if you do what I want you to do,you will understand faster.” Wu said.

“What do you want us to do?” Zane asked.

“So,you may have noticed that Harumi is no longer in the cell,..” Wu started.

“Yep.Haven’t heard her fake cry for a while.” Nya said.

“It is because she has run away.” Wu continued.

“Run away?To where?” Jay asked.

“Hopefully to Kryptarium Prison.” Kai said.

“She has run away to her apartment.” Wu answered.

“Oh.” Cole replied.

“I want you ninjas to go to her and assure her that she still has a chance with Lloyd and to make up for her past.” Wu said and the ninjas refused right on the spot.

“What?!No way!” Kai said.

“Not if Lloyd is involved in this!” Nya said.

“And why her of all people?!” Cole asked.

“Only Harumi can answer that.So if you want your answers right away,I suggest you go to her apartment and talk to her.” Wu said.

The ninja finally gave in and decided to get things over with.

“Fine,let’s just get this over with.” Nya said and went on the bounty with the other ninja.

Just then, Misako walked in.

“Where are they going?” Misako asked.

“They’re going on a mission.To make sure they stay in shape.” Wu said.

“Alright.” Misako replied.

“How’s Lloyd?” Wu asked and Misako looked down.

“What’s wrong?” Wu asked as he started to get worried.

“Lloyd’s…condition got…worse.He’s shivering a lot more than before.” Misako said as she was starting to cry.

“What?!” Wu asked in shock and ran to Lloyd’s room to check up on him.

Once he saw that Misako was right, he placed his hand on Lloyd’s forehead.

“He’s burning up.” Wu panicked.

“I’m gonna get an ice pack.” Misako said and ran out of the room.

Wu grabbed a chair and placed it next to Lloyd and sat beside him. Once Lloyd saw that Wu was sitting beside him, he decided to ask him.

“Uncle Wu.” Lloyd called.

“Are you ok,Lloyd?What happened last night?” Wu asked.

“I have no idea.I just..started shivering so much and…it’s…heating up in here.” Lloyd answered.

“Your mother is coming with an ice pack,you’re gonna be fine.” Wu said.

“Uncle Wu.” Lloyd called.

“What is it,Lloyd?” Wu asked.

“Have you seen Harumi?I haven’t seen her since last night.I tried looking for her but I couldn’t find her.” Lloyd asked and Wu looked down and tried to look away, but her couldn’t.

“D-Don’t worry about that now.You should focus on getting better.” Wu answered.

Then Misako came in with an ice pack and put it on Lloyd’s forehead.

“I think we should just go to the doctor,your condition is getting worse.” Misako said.

“I’m fine,mom.I just-” Lloyd said but got interrupted by his coughing.

“Lloyd,I’m serious.Let’s go.” Misako said and went to get a jacket for Lloyd.

“Alright.” Lloyd said and tried to stand up with Wu’s help.

They went to the nearest clinic and Wu was worried.

Meanwhile, the ninja had just arrived at Harumi’s Apartment and tried to remember Harumi’s room number.

“What was her room number again?” Cole asked.

“Was it…3748?” Jay guessed uncertainly.

“You want to go up that high?” Zane teased.

“I think it was 2…549?2549?” Nya asked.

“I don’t remember!” Kai whined.

“It was 2678.” Zane told them.

“You remembered all along?!” Jay asked.

“Yep.I just didn’t want to tell you.” Zane said and they looked at him angrily.

“Come on,guys.Let’s just go get this over with.” Nya said and they started making their way to Harumi’s room.

And like last time, they got tired when they were still about halfway to the floor Harumi’s room was on.

“What….floor….are we on…now?” Jay panted.

“We’re still on floor 16.Still 10 more to go.” Zane answered.

“At least we’ve made it..more than halfway.” Cole said, panting a little.

“Come on,we gotta keep moving.” Kai said and they continued running up the steps until they made it to the 26th floor.

“Finally,we made it!” Jay said.

“Now we just gotta find the room.” Kai said and they started walking until they reached room 2678.

“It’s here.” Nya said and slowly opened the door.

When they went inside, they saw that Harumi was still sleeping. Jay walked to the other side of the bed and saw that Harumi was sleeping with a book.

“Geez,she is no different than Lloyd now.” Jay said and Kai walked to him.

“Huh.An album.” Kai said and gently took the book from Harumi.

“With…Lloyd’s pictures?” Kai said in confusion and flipped some pages until he reached..

“That picture,it’s the one Lloyd still has in his room,other than the picture with only Harumi in it.” Jay said.

“We should wake her-” Nya said but was interrupted by..

“Lloyd..” Harumi murmured in her sleep.

The ninja turned their attention to Harumi who kept murmuring the same name.

“Lloyd..” Harumi murmured again.

“What is going on with her?” Nya asked.

“I have no idea.But I think Master Wu would know.” Jay answered.

They all looked at Harumi again as she kept murmuring Lloyd’s name.

“Alright,let’s take her to the Monastery.” Nya said and Cole was about to pick Harumi up, but..

“Woah.Her forehead is…really warm.” Cole said.

“What?” Nya asked and walked over to Cole and Harumi and placed her hand on Harumi’s forehead.

“You’re right,her forehead is really warm.” Nya said.

Zane scanned Harumi to see what was going on with her.

“It appears that she has a mental breakdown.” Zane said.

“That doesn’t sound good.” Jay said.

“We better take her to a clinic.I’ll tell Wu we’re going.” Kai said as Cole picked Harumi up bridal style.

They went back to the bounty and made their way to a clinic. It was the same clinic where Misako and Lloyd were at.