Aurel Stefanie

3D Animation & Visual Effect

Ninjago : I’m Only Yours and You’re Only Mine {Chapter 2}

Harumi just ignored them and kept her eyes on Lloyd. She was about to do something until Misako pushed her away from Lloyd.

“STAY AWAY FROM MY SON!!” Misako yelled with anger.

“I cannot.” Harumi said.

“If you dare TOUCH or GO NEAR my son,then I’ll make sure you suffer in jail!!” Misako threatened trying to protect her son.

“I’m not here to hurt him.” Harumi said but no one believed her.

“LIAR!!We know you’re here to hurt Lloyd!!” Nya accused.

“I promise you,I am not going to hurt Lloyd!” Harumi said trying to convince them that she had no bad intention in hurting their friend.

“You played with my son’s feelings and nearly killed him,now you came here and say you are not going to hurt him?!What is your plan actually?!” Misako asked and choked Harumi to the wall.

Harumi struggled to breathe and tried to get out of Misako’s hand that was pressing her neck.

“M-Mrs.G-Garmadon,I assure you,I a-am not g-going to hurt y-your s-son.I only came here to t-talk to h-him.” Harumi assured Misako but she still didn’t believe her.

“I don’t believe you!And you better get out of here before I grab my phone and call the commissioner!!” Misako shouted at Harumi.

“Misako,calm yourself down!” Master Wu told Misako while pulling Misako away from Harumi.

Once he did, Harumi fell to the ground, trying to catch her breath. Once she caught her breath, she looked at Lloyd who was still unconscious on his bed.

“Lloyd!” Harumi shouted while running to Lloyd, but a hand grabbed her wrist.

“I will NOT let anyone like you go near MY SON!!” Misako shouted while squishing Harumi’s wrist.

Harumi squealed in pain while trying to get her wrist out of Misako’s grip.

“Please,you can trust me!I do not want to harm him no more,I’ve learned my lesson and….” Harumi said and hesitated to say the 3 words she wanted to say, mostly to Lloyd. But she was more than nervous and scared because she was gonna tell her love’s mother first before she would tell him.

“Get OUT!!” Misako told Harumi with anger in her eyes and heart.

Misako threw Harumi out of Lloyd’s room and shut the door.

Harumi started crying and tried to get in, she kept knocking on the door multiple times.

“Please,let me in!I promise,I won’t hurt Lloyd!!I just want to talk to him!” Harumi begged while knocking on the door, crying.

Harumi kept trying to go in Lloyd’s room, but the door was blocked from the inside by Cole who was holding the door closed by leaning on it. Misako was sitting next to Lloyd while gently pressing the wet cloth on his forehead. Soon enough, Lloyd started to move. Everyone was glad and a bit worried at the same time. The sound of Harumi’s crying was still heard from the other side of the door. When Lloyd woke up, he looked at everyone in the room.

“What happened?” Lloyd asked.

“Let’s just say,your anger got the best of you.” Kai answered.

Then Lloyd heard a sound of crying from the other side of the door and looked confused.

“Are you ok,son?” Misako asked.

“Who’s…who’s crying?” Lloyd asked.

Everyone was silent and Lloyd was confused.

“Guys,who’s crying?” Lloyd repeated his question, but no one answered.

Lloyd got even more confused and decided to go see who was crying himself.

“I’ll go see for myself then,if no one is gonna answer.” Lloyd said but Misako immediately stopped him from getting up.

“You should rest,Lloyd.Don’t waste any more of your energy.” Misako told Lloyd.

“Mom,I’m fine.I just fainted,that’s all.” Lloyd said to his mother with a tired voice.

“You still need rest,Lloyd.Please don’t argue with me.” Misako said and lay Lloyd down on his bed.

“Ok,but please tell me who is crying.” Lloyd begged.

“It’s….it’s just someone’s ringtone.” Misako lied.

“I promise I won’t hurt him!!” A voice was heard from the other side of the door again.

Hurt?Hurt who?” Lloyd asked in confusion.

“Oh my goodness,stupid phone!I forgot to turn it off and now it’s playing an advertisement!!” Kai acted complaining fakely.

“Oh ok.” Lloyd said.

“Now go back to sleep.You really need it.’ Misako told Lloyd.

Lloyd went to sleep and Misako pulled the blanket over Lloyd’s body but just until his neck and tucked him in.

“This sure is a sweet mother-son moment.Kind of.” Jay said.

Everyone except Misako and Master Wu left the room and they dealt with Harumi who was still trying to get in Lloyd’s room.

“Didn’t you hear his mother?!” Nya asked and reminded Harumi, “Stay away from Lloyd!!” with anger.

“I won’t hurt him,I promise!” Harumi told them but they didn’t believe her.

“Yeah right!You’ve always had so much fun playing him and made him your puppet doll!Go away and stay away from him!!He wants NOTHING to do with you!!” Kai shouted and pushed Harumi away from Lloyd’s room.

“Please,I have to see him!I need to talk to him!” Harumi begged while crying.

“Quit the act,Quiet One!!” Jay shouted.

“I’m not the Quiet One anymore!” Harumi told them.

“That’s what they all say!” Cole replied coldly and grabbed Harumi, then he pulled her to the front gate and opened the gate.

“Please,I need to talk to Lloyd!!” Harumi begged but Cole ignored her.

Cole threw Harumi out and closed the gate and locked it immediately.

“Finally!” Nya said.

“Should we tell Lloyd about this though?” Jay asked.

“Best if we don’t.He just saw two paintings with Harumi on them and destroyed it without thinking.Who knows what’ll happen if we tell him about this.” Zane answered.

“I agree with Zane.If Lloyd knows about this,he might do something worse than wall blasting and late night stay up.” Nya added.

“You’re right.Let’s go inside.” Kai said and they went inside and started playing video games.

In Lloyd’s room, Misako was still sitting next to Lloyd who was still sleeping so peacefully on his bed. She was so concerned about her son’s condition, especially since she was still alive and was trying so hard to go near Lloyd.

“We can’t let Lloyd see and know about Harumi.Who knows what’ll happen to him.” Misako said to Master Wu.

“Worry not,Misako.Nothing will happen to Lloyd,I assure you.He’s a teenager now and soon he will be an adult,he can handle things on his own.But we will still be there for him.” Master Wu assured Misako.

Misako could only stare at her sleeping son while rubbing his head lovingly. She was so worried about him and decided to put all of his books back in his shelves.

“I’m gonna go put his books back in his shelves.” Misako said.

“Are you sure?He might stay up late at night to read.” Master Wu warned.

“I’ll make sure he gets enough sleep.It’s better than him finding out about her.” Misako said and went to get Lloyd’s books.

Lloyd woke up slowly and saw master Wu standing, looking at the door.

“Uncle Wu?Is everything ok?” Lloyd asked with an exhausted voice.

“W-What?” Master Wu asked a bit shocked to see that Lloyd had woken up.

“Is everything ok?” Lloyd repeated and sat.

“Everything is ok,Lloyd.Go back to sleep.” Master Wu said.

“Aren’t I suppose to continue training?” Lloyd asked.

“You need to rest,Lloyd.And you have panda eyes,you look like you haven’t slept in days.” Master Wu said.

“I’m fine,uncle.I’m gonna go train.” Lloyd said.

Lloyd got up from his bed and was about to take a step, but Master Wu blocked his way with his staff.

“Go to sleep,nephew!” Master Wu told Lloyd.

“Alright..” Lloyd replied and lay down on his bed again and he slowly went to sleep.

Misako went inside with Lloyd’s books and placed them on the shelves.

“I never thought my son would have so many books.” Misako said with a chuckle.

“He’s so much like you.” Master Wu complemented.

Misako chuckled and said, “I guess,I also did the same thing as him.I stayed up so late at night until I forgot to get some sleep.”

“Like mother,like son.” Master Wu said and they nearly held hands until they heard a loud voice.

“LLOYD!!” A voice called out loud and it woke Lloyd up.

“Did..someone call my name?” Lloyd asked and sat.

“No,Lloyd.You must be hearing things because you’re tired.” Misako lied and lay Lloyd back down.

“LLOYD,CAN YOU HEAR ME?!?!” A voice asked loudly.

“I’m pretty sure I actually heard that.I have to go check.” Lloyd said.

“I’ll go check.You stay here with your mother.” Master Wu said and left the room.

Misako sat next to Lloyd and leaned his head on her shoulder.

“Lloyd,I need to say something.But I need you to promise something in the end.” Misako said.

“What is it,mom?” Lloyd asked.

“I decided to put all of your books back in your shelves,but you can only read 1 book at a time,not more.And whenever we call you,you have to leave your book.And no sleeping late at night.” Misako said.

“Ok,mom.” Lloyd replied.

“Promise?” Misako asked.

“Promise!” Lloyd answered and hugged Misako and she did the same and kissed her son’s forehead.

But something ruined the mother-son moment, Lloyd started coughing and he felt dizzy. He nearly fell off the bed, but luckily, Misako was there to catch him from falling. She immediately lay Lloyd back down on his bed and told him to stay in bed while she went to the kitchen to get a glass of water for Lloyd.

“Oh my goodness,my head is hurting so much!” Lloyd complained while trying to not faint.

Misako came in with the glass of water and told Lloyd to drink it. But while Lloyd was drinking his water, he coughed again and some water were spit out.

“Just drink it slowly,Lloyd.Just drink it slowly.” Misako told Lloyd.

Lloyd constantly drank the water, but slowly. After he finished drinking the water, he leaned his head on Misako’s shoulder. Misako put the glass on the small table next to Lloyd’s bed and put Lloyd’s head on the pillow gently.

“Wu,we need help!!” Misako shouted and Master Wu came in.

“Misako,what happened?What’s wrong with Lloyd?” Master Wu asked.

“I think he might be sick because know.” Misako answered.

“We better call a doctor.” Master Wu suggested.

“Ok.I’m gonna call one right away.” Misako said and went to her room to get her phone.

“Can’t you give me a healing tea or something,uncle?” Lloyd asked, not in the mood to see a doctor.

“It’s just for bruises and wounds and something like that,Lloyd.You can’t drink it just because you are sick.” Master Wu explained.

Lloyd sighed and coughed. Then, Misako came in the room and told them that the doctor would arrive in an hour.

“The doctor said he’ll come in an hour.” Misako told them.

“Ok.” Master Wu replied and said, “Now,Lloyd.You must-” but he stopped talking because he saw that Lloyd was not in his bed.

“Where did he go?” Misako asked while looking around.

Then they heard a sound, like someone just fell.

“That sounded from my room!” Misako said and they both ran to Misako’s room and saw Lloyd laying down on the floor with his eyes closed. Misako carried him back to his bed and tucked him in.

“How did he get to your room so quickly without any of us knowing?” Master Wu asked.

“I’m not sure.But I’m not letting him out of my sight from now on.” Misako answered.

“But I must say,he’s the most cunning one out of 6 of them.” Master Wu warned.

“That’s what worries me.” Misako replied with a worried expression.

Meanwhile with Harumi, she refused to leave the Monastery, at least not until she talks to Lloyd.

“I gotta get in there.” Harumi said to herself.

Then, she saw someone from the distance, someone in white coat, she figured it was a doctor and it gave her an idea on how she could get in the Monastery. But she needed to be sure first, so she approached the doctor who was still climbing up the stairs.

“Hello.” She greeted.

“Good day to you,ma’am.” The doctor greeted back.

“You too.” She replied and asked, “Who are you here to see?”

“Do you live here?” The doctor asked.

“Yes,I do live here.” She lied and the doctor believed her.

“Oh,alright.I’m here to see a patient named,Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon.” The doctor said and Harumi was half surprised and half happy at the same time.

“Lloyd?” She whispered and the doctor heard.

“Yes.” The doctor said.

Harumi decided to take actions, she’d do anything to get to Lloyd and talk to him, or maybe be with him.

She sighed and said, “I’m sorry,but I have to do this.”

“Do what?” The doctor asked.

Harumi punched the doctor right in the face which made him knocked out and she put the coat on and grabbed the doctor’s stuff. And she hid him behind some rocks. Then she immediately wiped the red face paint off her face and knocked on the gate.

“Coming!!” Cole shouted while running to the gate and opened it.

“Hello.” Harumi greeted, trying to act like she was the ”actual” doctor.

“Hello,you must be the doctor.” Cole greeted back.

“I most certainly am.And I’m here to see Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon.” Harumi said, half lied.

“He’s in his room.I’ll show you the way.” Cole said and led who he thought was the actual doctor to Lloyd’s room.

As soon as they entered Lloyd’s room, Cole told Misako that the ”doctor” had arrived.

“Oh,good!” Misako replied in relieved.

“I have to make them leave me alone with Lloyd or I’ll never be able to talk to him.” Harumi thought to herself.

“Lloyd,wake up.The doctor is here.” Misako told Lloyd while shaking him left and right gently.

Lloyd slowly woke up and Misako sat him up and placed the pillow on a portrait position and put Lloyd’s head on it gently.

“I’m not in the mood to see anyone,mom.” Lloyd complained exhaustedly.

“It’s just the doctor,Lloyd.” Misako said.

While they both were having a conversation, Harumi got time to think of a way to get herself alone with Lloyd without anyone in the room.

“Oh,I forgot to tell you earlier.I saw some people were getting robbed in the city.Thought you should know so you can help them,and I saw them holding a poisonous jar filled with..poison thing.I’m not sure what it was though.” Harumi lied, making her voice sounded like a different person.

“Oh,thanks!We better go help them,guys!” Nya said and they all left the Monastery.

“I will go meditate and pray for Lloyd to get better.” Master Wu said.

“Thanks,uncle.” Lloyd said and Master Wu left to his meditating room.

“Now,this is gonna be hard.I have to get Lloyd’s mother to leave us both alone.” Harumi thought to herself.

“Mom.” Lloyd called with a weak voice.

“Yes,Lloyd?What is it?” Misako asked.

“Would you mind getting me some water?My throat feels dry.” Lloyd asked.

“Of course,wait here.” Misako answered and left to get a glass of water.

“Phew,that was easy.” Harumi thought to herself in relief and she looked at Lloyd.

Lloyd coughed again and Harumi closed the door.

“Why did you close the door?” Lloyd asked.

“We need to talk.” Harumi answered.

“Your voice,it sounds…familiar.” Lloyd said and asked, “Have we met?”

Harumi was nervous to answer but she finally faced them and spoke up.

“Actually,…we have.” Harumi answered and revealed herself.

“H-Harumi?!” Lloyd asked in shock.

“Yes,it is me.” Harumi answered.

“Why would you disguise yourself as a doctor?!And..about people being robbed in the city,did you make that up?!” Lloyd asked as if he was about to yell.

Harumi sighed and nodded. Then she approached Lloyd and was about to sit down, but Lloyd wouldn’t let her. He threw the chair across the room and fainted. Harumi placed her right hand on Lloyd’s left cheek with tears forming in her eyes.

“You hate me,don’t you?You hate me because I used you,and..and played you.” Harumi said softly and sat next to Lloyd with tears forming in her eyes.

She placed Lloyd’s head on her shoulder and hugged him with her right arm, and her left hand held his right hand. And before she knew it, she fell asleep. Misako entered the room with the glass of water and dropped it to the floor because she was shocked to see who was with her son.

“What is she doing here?!” Misako asked and approached them.

Misako gently put Lloyd on the other side of the bed and pulled Harumi from the bed until she fell.

“Ow!!” Harumi shouted.

“What did you do to my son?!” Misako asked with anger.

Harumi was shocked and scared to see Lloyd’s mother standing in front of her with an angry face. She tried to find Lloyd’s hand on the bed but she couldn’t find his hand. When she looked, she saw that Lloyd was on the other side of the bed.


“I’m not leaving until I make things right!!” Harumi started arguing.

“Sure,make things RIGHT for YOU but WORSE for MY SON!!” Misako yelled and threw Harumi out of the room.

“Please,it’s not what you think!” Harumi tried to convince, but Misako wouldn’t listen and just slammed the door.

“I won’t hurt your son,I promise!!” Harumi shouted while crying.

Misako just ignored her and went to her son. She sat down on the bed and held Lloyd close.

“She won’t come near you any time soon,I assure you.” Misako said to Lloyd and kissed his forehead.

Then, Misako noticed the chair that was thrown across the room. She had no idea who threw it, but she knew it was either Lloyd or Harumi since they were both in the room.

“What did she do to you,Lloyd?” Misako asked while still holding Lloyd close to her while rubbing his left upper arm.

Then, Lloyd started waking up and he coughed so many times. Misako was about to get the glass of water but then she remembered that she dropped it to the floor which caused the glass to shatter and the water to spill.

“Mom,H-Harumi came here,she di-isguised herself as a doctor and lied about people getting r-ro-obbed in the city!” Lloyd told Misako while coughing.

“I know,Lloyd.But I kicked her out,so don’t worry.” Misako said and lay Lloyd down.

“Wait here,I’ll get you a glass of water.” Misako said.

“Ok,mom.” Lloyd replied and Misako left to get another glass of water.

Lloyd kept coughing and he tried to get up. But when he got up, a hand got over his mouth and an arm got around his body, holding his arms tight until he could barely move. Meanwhile, Misako was still filling up the glass with water, she was glad that Harumi left, or at least she thought.

“Either way,she will be leaving Lloyd alone for at least a little while.” Misako said to herself while walking to her son’s room, but when she entered the room, she saw that the room was empty.

“Lloyd?!Son,where are you?!” Misako asked in anxiety and put the glass of water on Lloyd’s desk.

She searched for Lloyd in the Monastery but she couldn’t find him anywhere, then the ninja came.

“Misako,is something wrong?” Nya asked.

“It’s Lloyd,he’s not in the Monastery!” Misako answered panicly.

“What?!” Kai asked in shocked and ran to Lloyd’s room.

“And,turns out that the doctor,was not the doctor at all.” Misako told them.

“What do you mean,Misako?” Cole asked.

“It was Harumi.She disguised herself as a doctor.” Misako answered and they were shocked.

“We have to go save Lloyd now!!” Jay shouted.

“But where could they be?” Nya asked.

They were silent and worried about Lloyd. Then, they decided to check one place.

“There’s only one place Harumi would have taken Lloyd.” Cole said.

“Where?” Jay asked.

“Harumi was the leader of the S.O.G, so it is reasonable to assume she might have taken Lloyd there with her,and held him captive.” Zane answered, knowing what Cole was thinking.

“Exactly.” Cole said.

“Then let’s get moving!” Kai suggested while walking to them.

“Don’t worry,Misako.Your son will be ok and we’ll bring him home.” Nya assured Misako.

“I hope so.” Misako replied with tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Alright,guys!It’s go time!” Kai shouted.

They went inside the bounty and Zane turned the tracking device on.