Aurel Stefanie

3D Animation & Visual Effect

Ninjago : I’m Only Yours and You’re Only Mine {Chapter 14}

It was the next morning and both Harumi and Lloyd were still sleeping. Lloyd had a book over his face and Harumi had a pillow over her face.


“Daddy?” Lloyd asked.

“You’re NOT my child!!” Lord Garmadon shouted and charged at Lloyd.


“DAD!!” Lloyd screamed and sat up on the bed at the same time.


“Lloyd?” Harumi asked.

“Are you satisfied now?!” Lloyd asked sternly.

“What?With what?” Harumi asked.

“Do I need to list the things you did to me?!” Lloyd asked with more anger.

“I said I was sorry!!” Harumi shouted.

“It won’t fix anything!!” Lloyd shouted and shot an energy blast at Harumi.


“LLOYD!!” Harumi screamed and sat up on the bed at the same time.

They both started crying, but when Harumi noticed that she was at her old apartment anymore, she got scared.

“This…T-This is…the Monastery?!” Harumi asked a little panicked.

“It sure is.” Wu answered.

“Why did you bring me here?!I’ve told you-” Harumi protested but Wu cut her off.

“That you only wanted Lloyd to be happy with his family.I know.” Wu said.

Harumi sighed and asked, “Then why did you bring me here?I only cause nothing but trouble in his life.”

“Lloyd needs his father,but he cannot get to him alone.Only you can help him.” Wu said.

“How?!I don’t even know where Garmadon is!” Harumi said.

“But you are the closest to Garmadon the last,only you can reunite Lloyd with his father.” Wu said.

Harumi looked away, unsure what to say. She was out of words.

“Lloyd needs you,Harumi.” Wu said.

“H-How is he..?” Harumi asked and Wu looked down.

Harumi ran to Lloyd’s room but when she got to the front, she froze.

“Should I…?” Harumi asked herself.

She was about to place her hand on the door handle when…

Misako opened the door. Once she saw that Harumi was standing in front of the door, she became furious.

“What are you doing here?!I’ve told you to stay away from-” Misako shouted but Harumi cut her off.

“I know.But please,I know how to help him.” Harumi said.

“Help him with what?!He doesn’t need anyone like you!!” Misako shouted.

“But he needs his father,I can help him with that.It’s the least I could do after….after what I did.” Harumi said.

“Help him how exactly?” Misako asked sternly.

“Starting by helping with locating Garmadon.” Harumi answered.

Misako thought about it, but she still didn’t let Harumi go in Lloyd’s room.

“Please..I want to help.I know I can.” Harumi pleaded softly.

“Let her redeem herself,Misako.” Wu said as he walked towards them.

“What do you me- Don’t tell me you’re on her side!” Misako shouted.

“I am on no one’s side.But Lloyd needs his father and only Harumi can help.She was really close to Garmadon the last,she can help.” Wu said.

“The reason Garmadon and Lloyd have not been close is because of her!!If she hadn’t ressurected his father,his evil side,Lloyd wouldn’t be having a mental breakdown!!” Misako shouted and Harumi’s eyes widened in concern.

“W-What?Lloyd has…mental…mental breakdown?!” Harumi asked.

“Yes.” Misako answered.

“Harumi also has it.” Wu said and Harumi turned to him.

“I also..h-have it?” Harumi asked.

“Yes.” Wu answered.

“You have a mental breakdown because of how much you miss Lloyd.” Kai added as he walked to them.

“And Lloyd also has a mental breakdown because of how much he misses his father.” Wu added.

Misako stayed silent, she didn’t know whether to trust Harumi or not. Then Wu spoke.

“Misako,can we talk?Privately?” Wu asked and Misako nodded.

Wu smiled and turned to Harumi.

“Harumi,go in there and take care of Lloyd.We will be back soon.” Wu said.

“Yes,Master Wu.” Harumi replied and walked in Lloyd’s room.

Misako and Wu went to the meditation room, but Misako still looked uncertain.

“Wu,are you sure you know what you’re doing?I mean,..Harumi?!Help us?!Help my son?!This could be one of her tricks and you could be falling for it!” Misako said.

“Rest assure,Misako.I know exactly what decision I have made.” Wu answered and Misako looked away.

“I know you want to protect Lloyd,he is your son.But this time,no one can help him.No one,but Harumi.” Wu said.

“How can you be sure?” Misako asked.

“Harumi can reunite Lloyd with Garmadon.She once idolized Garmadon and she now has real feelings for Lloyd.And she really wants to make up for what she did,this is her chance.” Wu said.

“How could we even trust her?!” Misako asked.

“Yesterday,she left the monastery in tears.Because of what reason?It was for Lloyd.She felt sorry and left,because she thought that Lloyd would be better of without her.” Wu said.

Misako looked at him as Wu continued talking.

“I tried to stop her but she didn’t listen.She thought she was drifting Lloyd away from his family.” Wu explained.

Misako could only sigh. She wanted Lloyd to be with his father again but she didn’t know whether to trust Harumi or not. After what she did, especially to her son, she just couldn’t bring herself to trust her.

On the other hand, Harumi just sat next to Lloyd who was asleep, but he was shivering.

“D-Dad..” Lloyd murmured.

Harumi sighed and whispered, “We’ll find your father,Lloyd.Soon.”

“D-Dad..” Lloyd murmured again.

“I’ll make things right.I promise.” Harumi whispered and placed her left hand on Lloyd’s right hand.

She then leaned closer and kissed his forehead.

Because of that, Lloyd started to wake up a bit. When he saw Harumi, he tried to sit up.

“Lloyd,you need to rest.” Harumi said and laid Lloyd back down.

“Where were you last night?Are you alright?” He asked.

“I’m fine.I just..went to clear my mind.” Harumi answered.

“Ok then.” Lloyd replied.

“Hey,can I..ask you something?” Harumi asked.

“What is it?” Lloyd asked.

“Did…you remember anything…from the last time you see…your father?” Harumi asked nervously.

“No..I wish I would remember.But he has been gone for a long time,I just want to forget about him now.” Lloyd answered.

“ because..” Harumi asked nervously.

“It’s not because of you.He always disappears on me,even when he’s not evil.So it doesn’t even matter.” Lloyd said as a tear started rolling down from his eye.

“You’ll see each other again.” Harumi assured.

“How would you know?” Lloyd asked.

“Well you two would have to see each other again eventually.” Harumi said.

“Yeah,but when will that be?” Lloyd asked.

Harumi looked down and sighed, “I don’t know.”

“Just forget it.He’ll probably leave me again anyway,so what’s the point of finding him?” Lloyd sighed.

“Don’t you want to see him again?” Harumi asked.

“Right now,I don’t even know.” Lloyd answered and started coughing.

Harumi immediately grab the glass of water on Lloyd’s desk and gave it to him. Lloyd started drinking it while Harumi help by holding the glass up.

After he finished, Harumi put the glass back on the desk and laid Lloyd down.

“You should rest.We’ll start our search for your father once you get better.” Harumi said.

“I don’t want to.” Lloyd said.

“Don’t want to what?” Harumi asked.

“I don’t want to search for him ever again.We don’t even know if we’ll find him!And even if we do,just watch!He’ll disappear again like he always does.” Lloyd said and turned away.

“I’m sure he won’t.” Harumi said.

“How would you know?!No matter which side he is on,he always finds a way to leave me and never return!Might aswell never see him again than seeing him leave again!” Lloyd said.

“I will make sure he won’t leave you again.” Harumi said.

“How?!” Lloyd asked.

“I don’t know!But I’ll think about it later after we find him.Now you just rest so we can begin locating your father!” Harumi told him.

“I’m not tired!” Lloyd said.

“Tired or not,rest!” Harumi told him.

“I can’t sleep.” Lloyd said.

“Lloyd.You are SUCH a baby!” Harumi said and grabbed a pillow.

“What are you doing with that?” Lloyd asked.

Harumi threw the pillow to Lloyd’s face and..

did not laugh.

“You were being serious when you threw my pillow to my face.” Lloyd asumed.

“Go to sleep,greenie.Or I’m telling your mommy!” Harumi warned as she crossed her arms.

“Please don’t,she’s gonna scold me.” Lloyd cried.

“Go to sleep then.” Harumi said.

“I’ll try.” Lloyd said and started closing his eyes.

But Harumi did not leave, she didn’t even move.

“Lloyd,stop!You’re not sleeping,I can clearly see it!” Harumi said and Lloyd began laughing.

“How did…How did you know?” Lloyd asked with a little laugh.

“You think a girl who has been acting all her life won’t know acting when she sees one?” Harumi asked.

“I guess not.” Lloyd answered, rubbing the back of his neck.

Harumi threw Lloyd’s blanket to his face and they both started laughing.

“Why a blanket?!” Lloyd laughed and threw a pillow at Harumi.

“Hey!!” Harumi laughed and ran away, but still in the room.

“Get back over here!!” Lloyd shouted and threw another pillow at Harumi.

“Let me have a turn now,greenie!!” Harumi shouted and threw the pillow back at Lloyd.

They both started having a pillow (and blanket) fight and laughed everytime one of them throw a pillow at the other.

“Take this,greenie!!” Harumi laughed and threw a pillow at Lloyd.

Lloyd caught the pillow and laughed.

“Take this back,Ruru!!” Lloyd laughed and threw the pillow at Harumi.

“Ruru?” Harumi asked.

“I used to call you that,right?” Lloyd asked.

~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

On the bounty, Harumi was staring at the city. Lloyd walked out and when he saw Harumi standing alone, he walked to her.

“Hey,Ruru!” Lloyd greeted.

“Hi-..Wait,what did you just call me?” Harumi asked when she realized Lloyd was calling her with another name.

“Ruru.Pretty much another nickname for you.” Lloyd answered.

Harumi giggled and hugged Lloyd.

“Thank you,Lloyd.For always being there for me.” Harumi said.

“It was nothing,Ruru.” Lloyd said and they both ended up hugging each other for a few minutes.

~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

“You really did surprise me with that new nickname.” Harumi said and they both began laughing.

But Lloyd was coughing again. Harumi rushed to him and laid him back down.

“Wait here.I’ll get a glass of water for you.” Harumi said and was about to leave, but Lloyd just grabbed her hand.

“Can’t you just stay here?” Lloyd asked.

“I’m just going to grab a glass of water for you and then I will come back.” Harumi said.

“I don’t need a glass of water.” Lloyd said.

“Ok..then what do you need?” Harumi asked.

Lloyd gave her the answer by pulling her to him and trapping her in his arms.

“Seriously?” Harumi asked with annoyance.

“Well I don’t want to be alone.” Lloyd said.

“I’ll be right back.I’m just going to grab-” Harumi said but Lloyd cut her off.

“I don’t want any glass of water,I just want…y-you…with..” Lloyd said but he felt weaker.

“Lloyd?Lloyd,what’s wrong?!” Harumi asked.

And to her surprise, she got out of Lloyd’s arms so easily. And she could see that Lloyd’s eyes were closing. But that was not it. She could also see that Lloyd’s eyes were turning…black. But it wasn’t only black. They were turning sorrow black. His sparks were starting to disappear.

Harumi got really scared.

“Misako!!Misako,come quick!!Your son!!Something is happening to his eyes!!” Harumi screamed.

But Misako couldn’t hear her.

“MISAKO!!!!” Harumi screamed even louder.

But the same thing happened. She looked back at Lloyd and held him closer.


“Ha…ru…mi..?” Lloyd murmured as his eyes closed shut.

“Lloyd!!Lloyd,wake up!!You’re gonna be ok!!Please,wake up!!” Harumi panicked as she shook Lloyd’s body.

But no reaction.

Nya rushed in after she heard Harumi’s scream.

“What happened?!” Nya asked.

“It’s Lloyd!His eyes…His eyes were turning black and…his sparks disappeared!And now he won’t wake up!Hurry and call his mother!Quick!!” Harumi answered in panic.

Nya nodded and ran out of the room to find Misako.

“Misako!!Misako!!” Nya called as she ran down the hall.

“Nya?What’s wrong?” Misako asked as she got out of her room.

“It’s Lloyd!He doesn’t look so good!” Nya answered and it got Misako really worried.

Misako immediately ran to Lloyd’s room. Nya followed behind her.

When Misako got in Lloyd’s room, she saw that Lloyd was shivering. It was worse than when he had a fever.

“Misako!He needs you!” Harumi cried and Misako got on the bed.

Harumi gave Lloyd to Misako and she could feel that Lloyd’s body was really heating up.

“Harumi,get a small towel and a bowl of water!Lloyd is heating up!” Misako told Harumi and Harumi rushed out to get the things Misako requested.

Misako moved to the pillow and let Lloyd rest his head on her lap. He was shivering so bad.

Harumi came in with the towel and water and Misako began to gently compress the warm small towel against Lloyd’s forehead. The water was a bit colder since Lloyd was heating up.

“Will he be alright?” Harumi asked, unable to be calm.

“He’ll be alright.He’s like this because he misses his father.” Misako answered.

Harumi couldn’t help but feel bad for Lloyd. But she was really determined to reunite the son with the father. Somehow. Someday.

“I will go talk with the ninja and start locating Lloyd’s father.” Harumi said.

“Alright.I will stay here and take care of Lloyd.” Misako replied and Harumi left.

Misako looked back at Lloyd and started stroking his head lovingly.

Lloyd was still shivering and his body was still heating up.

Misako gently pulled him closer.

“We will find your father,son.I promise.”

“Whatever it takes.”