Aurel Stefanie

3D Animation & Visual Effect

Ninjago : I’m Only Yours and You’re Only Mine {Chapter 3}

The ninja were discussing in the video game room, trying to figure out what Harumi wanted to do with Lloyd, or do to Lloyd.

“I don’t get it.” Kai said and asked, “What does Harumi want with Lloyd now?”

“That’s for us to find out.But right now,we need to make a plan to save Lloyd.” Nya answered.

“Alright.So we know for sure that she will be at the S.O.G Basement.And from what Lloyd told us,she’s also sneaky and smart.” Jay started.

“Way too smart.” Nya added.

“So we need to be smarter!” Cole said and they all looked at Zane.

“Hey,even I was tricked by Harumi earlier!” Zane reminded.

“But it was just from her acting.This is saving Lloyd.” Cole said.

“Cole’s right.And you’re the smart one here,Zane!Only you can figure this out!” Jay said.

“Just because I’m a nindroid,doesn’t mean I can figure everything out.Such as this one.” Zane said.

“He makes a good point.Nindroids can’t do everything.” Nya said.

“Ok,so we need to think of something else.” Kai said.

“I say we do it simple.Go to the Sons of Garmadon Basement,take them down,take Harumi down,save Lloyd.” Cole said and ended with, “Unless anyone else has a better idea.”

They all looked at each other and nodded. They went to the Sons of Garmadon Basement and was waiting for the right time to knock the entrance down.

“On 3.” Nya whispered to them and they nodded.

“One,..two,…three!” Nya counted and they all kicked the entrance and knocked it down.

But when they knocked the entrance down, it was extremely quiet and…empty.

“Are they planning on a small ambush?” Jay asked.

“Of course they are,Jay!” Cole answered disappointedly.

“I’m afraid you are incorrect,Cole and Jay.The S.O.G seemed to have left the place for so long.” Zane said.

“You just tell us now?!” Jay asked as he was about to complain.

“I cannot sense anything if the place is far from me.” Zane said.

“Well,looks like no one is here then.” Nya said and asked, “Then where could Harumi have taken Lloyd?”

“Maybe we can check the royal palace?” Kai suggested.

“Worth the shot.” Cole said, agreeing to Kai.

“Then let’s go!” Nya said and they went to the royal palace.

Meanwhile with Harumi, she put Lloyd on the bed and locked the door. Soon enough, Lloyd woke up and he was confused of his surroundings. Harumi turned to him and approached him, then she held his hands while sitting next to him. When Lloyd turned to her, he got upset and got his hands away from hers.

“Why did you bring me here,Harumi?!” Lloyd asked with anger.

“I need to talk to you.” Harumi answered.

“Is it just normal talk or is it evil talk?” Lloyd asked coldly and turned away and he was about to get out of bed.

Harumi quickly grabbed him and lay him down.

“Don’t move too much,Lloyd.You need to rest.” Harumi told Lloyd.

“Like you care!” Lloyd replied coldly and turned away.

Harumi sighed and guessed, “I hurt you that much until you don’t even want to see my face,didn’t I?”

“What do you think?” Lloyd asked as an answer.

Harumi tried to hold her tears while crawling closer to Lloyd. Lloyd got up and got out of bed, but once he stood up, he coughed badly again and fell to the floor.

“Lloyd!!” Harumi shouted worriedly and ran to Lloyd and helped him get on the bed again.

“DON’T TOUCH ME!!” Lloyd yelled.

Harumi started crying and she so wanted to hug Lloyd and kissed him, but she knew that Lloyd would just push her and tell her to go away.

“I’m out of here,Harumi!Or should I call you Qu-” Lloyd said but was interrupted by Harumi who covered his mouth with her hand while she was crying.

“Don’t call me that anymore.That’s no longer who I am.” Harumi said while crying.

Lloyd got her hand away from his mouth and said, “Nice acting,but I’m not gonna fall for it!”

“I’m not acting,Lloyd!” Harumi told Lloyd.

“Yeah,sure you aren’t.” Lloyd said and Harumi turned his head to her.

“Lloyd,look into my eyes!I am telling the truth!If you don’t believe me,then look into my eyes and you’ll see that I am telling the truth!” Harumi told Lloyd while crying.

Lloyd looked into Harumi’s eyes but he still didn’t believe her.

“You’re getting was way too good with your acting,Harumi!” Lloyd said.

“Lloyd,I am NOT acting!You have to believe me!” Harumi begged while crying and hugged Lloyd tight.

“Uh-huh,I believe you.” Lloyd replied.

“Do you actually believe it?” Harumi asked as she got her hopes up.

“Absolutely.” Lloyd answered and Harumi smiled.

“Thank goodne-” Harumi said but was interrupted by Lloyd.

“NOT!!” Lloyd shouted and Harumi’s smile fade away and she felt hurt again, but worse.

“Why would you get my hopes up and then just hurt me like that?!” Harumi asked as she was about to shout.

“I can ask you the same thing!” Lloyd answered and Harumi got really sad.

“I regret everything I did to you and your friends!But mostly to you!” Harumi told Lloyd while crying.

“And what happens after that?!You’re gonna make me fall for you again and break my heart again as if I’m a toy?!” Lloyd asked with anger.

“Of course not,Lloyd!I’m not like that!” Harumi answered while crying.

“Then why did you use me to get the stupid oni mask?!And you used my heart as your weapon!!” Lloyd reminded Harumi with anger.

“I was just mad,Lloyd!I didn’t know what I was doing!” Harumi told Lloyd.

“Even resurrecting my father?!You didn’t know you were doing that?!” Lloyd asked with anger.

They got into an argument and in the end, Harumi felt so hurt and angry until she slapped Lloyd to the bed.

Since Lloyd was feeling weak because he was sick, he passed out and Harumi was shocked of what she just did to Lloyd. Harumi cried and tried to wake Lloyd up while crying.

“Lloyd,wake up!!Please,I’m sorry!!” Harumi begged while shaking Lloyd left and right.

Harumi kept crying and she placed Lloyd on the bed, then she pulled the blanket and put it over Lloyd’s body.

“I’m really sorry,Lloyd.I…I just hurt you again.” Harumi apologized while crying and kissed Lloyd’s forehead.

Back with the ninja, they had just arrived at the palace. But they wanted to make sure before they enter the palace.

“Zane,is there anyone in there?” Kai asked.

Zane scanned the palace and answered, “Some people are definitely in the palace.”

“Must be Lloyd and that S.O.G leader!Let’s go!” Cole said and they all entered the palace.

When they were inside the palace, they started searching the place. Then they heard a scream.

“GET OUT OF THE WAY!!” Someone screamed and they assume it was Lloyd.

“That must be Lloyd!” Kai said.

“Then what are we waiting for?!Let’s go save him!” Jay said and they followed the voice.

“What?!Do you want to fight me?!Come on,fight me!” A voice was heard again and they were confused.

“That’s new!Lloyd never challenged anyone that-” Kai said but was cut off because of the thing that was going on.

“Hey,I did it by accident,man!I didn’t mean to spill my coffee on your vest!” One of the builder said.

“You still got it wet!” The second builder complained.

There was a bit of silence but then,

“I was just jokin’!Of course I forgive you!” The second builder said with a chuckle.

The two builders laughed and saw the ninja.

“Oh,hello,ninjas.” They builder greeted.

“Hi,guys.” Kai greeted back and asked, “Have you seen the green ninja?Maybe he’s in here?”

“We haven’t seen anyone in here.” One of the builder said.

“Lloyd isn’t here either?” Nya asked.

The builders shook their heads and the ninja were confused.

“Thanks for the help,guys.” Zane thanked them.

“No problem.” The builders said and the ninja left.

“If they are not in the S.O.G Basement nor the palace,then where are they?” Nya asked.

“I don’t know.But we gotta find them fast.” Kai answered.

“We can track them down with the tracker on the bounty.” Zane said.

“NOW you said it?!We could’ve done that in the first place!!Who know what will that devil do to Lloyd!!” Jay complained.

“We all did assume they were in either the S.O.G Basement and in the palace and we were sure about that,Jay.We don’t have time to complain,we have to go back to the monastery and get on the bounty,track Lloyd and Harumi and save Lloyd!” Nya said.

“Then let’s hurry!Who knows what that devil is gonna do to Lloyd!” Kai said and they all went back to the monastery.

At the Monastery, they told Misako and Wu everything and that they were gonna use the bounty to track Lloyd and Harumi down.

“Please hurry.” Misako begged.

“Don’t worry,Misako.We’ll find him and save him before Harumi does anything to him.” Cole assured Misako and the ninja went in the bounty.