Aurel Stefanie

3D Animation & Visual Effect

Ninjago : I’m Only Yours and You’re Only Mine {Chapter 4}

Zane turned that tracking device on and it showed Lloyd’s coordinate.

“He’s at an apartment next to Borg’s Tower.” Zane said.

“Isn’t that where Harumi used to live when she was little?Before her parents…you know.” Nya asked.

“It is.” Zane answered.

“This can’t be good.” Cole said.

“We better go there quickly!!” Kai shouted and Nya started the engine.

Then they flew the bounty to Lloyd’s coordinate with hope that he would be ok.

Meanwhile with Lloyd and Harumi, Harumi kept trying to wake Lloyd up, but he was still feeling weak.

“Lloyd,come on!You gotta wake up!” Harumi begged while crying.

But Lloyd did not wake up, he didn’t even move. Harumi got so scared and lay next to him while crying.

“I’m sorry,Lloyd..I’m really sorry..” Harumi whispered to Lloyd while crying and placed her left hand on Lloyd’s right cheek, then, she kissed his right cheek and she fell asleep while her lips was pretty close to Lloyd’s cheek after kissing his cheek.

Her right hand was also holding Lloyd’s left hand while they were asleep.

And in the Monastery, Misako and Wu were trying to figure out why Harumi was acting like she wanted Lloyd, like, really wanted him.

“She was acting like she really wanted Lloyd.” Wu pointed out and asked, “But why?”

“That’s what I’m worrying about.Lloyd told me she was a queen in acting,but…those tears,it made her look like she was really crying.I guess she’s really that good at acting.” Misako said.

“This might sound crazy,but it might have something to do with Lloyd’s feelings towards her.” Wu said.

“Lloyd already gave up on those feelings.He already decided that he would never fall for a girl again.” Misako said.

“I know.I was talking about Harumi,maybe..Harumi thought about what she did and she wants to start over with Lloyd,in a good way.” Wu said.

“Even if that is her intention,I don’t think Lloyd would believe it.Ever since the S.O.G was defeated,he started hating Harumi. He even burned the book Harumi gave him.” Misako said.

“That may be true.But the other day,I saw him holding a picture of Harumi while he was sleeping.” Wu said.

“You mean this one?” Misako asked and showed Wu the picture of Harumi.

“Exactly.And also..I think I saw a picture of both Lloyd and Harumi somewhere in his room.” Wu said.

“You’re talking about this?” Misako asked and showed another picture.

“Yeah.” Wu answered.

“To be honest,I’m surprised he even kept these two pictures.I thought he burned all of the pictures that have Harumi on them.” Misako said and put the pictures on Lloyd’s desk.

“So am I.But he probably has a good reason why he kept those two pictures.Probably just memories,best ones.” Wu said.

“I hope so.” Misako said.

Back with the ninja, they had just arrived at Harumi’s apartment, they immediately went inside and searched for the room Lloyd and Harumi could be in.

“Which room do you think they are in?” Jay asked.

“Zane,can you scan the rooms?” Nya asked and Zane scanned the rooms.

“He’s at the 26th floor.” Zane told them.

“26th?!” Cole asked as he was shock to hear how high they had to go in order to save Lloyd.

“We better hurry!” Nya said and they ran upstairs.

So far, they only made it until the 15th floor. They took a little break while trying to catch their breath, except Zane.

“Why…does…she…have…to…be…at…a….high…floor?!” Jay asked complaining.

“No time to complain.We have to keep going!” Nya said.

“She’s right,Lloyd needs us!” Zane said and they continued running upstairs.

Once they made it at the 26th floor, Zane scanned the rooms and located the room Harumi and Lloyd were in.

“They are in room 2678.” Zane told them.

“Then let’s go!” Cole suggested and they searched for room 2678.

“2673,..2674,..2675,..2676,…2677,..2678,..2679,..2680-” Jay said saying the numbers of the rooms.

“It’s only until 2678,Jay.” Cole reminded Jay.

“Oh,right.” Jay said and chuckled nervously.

“On 3.3,..2,..” Nya said and they kicked the door down.

Surprisingly, Harumi and Lloyd did not wake up even though the sound of the knocked down door was pretty loud.

“Uhh…” Kai said feeling awkward.

“Lloyd looks…alright.” Cole said.

“I wouldn’t have said it so soon,Cole.I believe it is safe to assume that Lloyd fainted due to his condition.” Zane said.

“Because of Harumi?” Jay asked.

“No.Because Lloyd has not been feeling well since he was in the Monastery.” Zane answered and asked, “Remember about the doctor’s visit?”

“You mean that doctor?” Nya asked sternly pointing at Harumi who was still sleeping next to Lloyd.

“Yes,although she was not the real doctor.” Zane answered.

“We better get Lloyd away from her right away.” Cole said and they walked to Lloyd and Harumi.

“Zane,Nya,you two get Lloyd.We’ll handle the actress queen.” Cole said.

Jay, Kai, and Cole gently took Harumi away a bit from Lloyd, but she did not want to let go so she cuddled closer to Lloyd. They kept trying 16 times, but in the end, Harumi just got closer to Lloyd, literally. Her head was on Lloyd’s chest while her right hand was touching Lloyd’s left cheek and her left arm was on his right side, so basically, her left arm was on his belly.

“Why am I surprised?” Nya asked with disappoinment and confusion.

“You’re not the only one,sis.Looks like she’s stuck to Lloyd.” Kai said.

“Stuck to kill him or stuck into him?” Jay asked.

“Could be either.” Cole answered.

“Looks like we have no choice but to bring Harumi along too.” Zane said and they were all shocked.

“Bring HER?!With US?!” Kai asked in shock and half anger.

“This is one of her plan,isn’t it?” Nya asked suspecting something and walked to Lloyd and Harumi.

“Uhh,Nya.What are you-” Jay asked but stopped talking after seeing what Nya was doing to Harumi.

“HEY!!GET OFF HIM,QUIET ONE!!” Nya yelled near Harumi’s ear.

But surprisingly again, she did not wake up. All of them were confused and had no idea what to do, but they decided to use the only way. Bring Harumi with them.

“Looks like we have no choice but to bring her along.Misako is not gonna be happy.” Cole said.

“Yeah.But we can lock her up.” Kai said.

They took Lloyd and Harumi to the bounty and went back to the Monastery.Along the way, they kept arguing about who should tell Misako and Wu about them bringing Harumi with them.

“Jay,you should tell them.” Kai said.

“What?!Why me?!” Jay asked.

“You used to be Lloyd’s babysitter when he was a little kid.” Kai reminded.

“Wasn’t that you?!You’re the closest to him compared to us,you even considered him as your baby brother!” Jay said.

“You didn’t?” Cole asked.

“Well,yeah!But Kai considered the most!” Jay answered confidently.

“Guys,maybe it’s-” Nya said but was cut off by Kai’s complain.

“Just because I consider Lloyd my little brother the most,doesn’t mean it should be me to tell his mother!!” Kai complained.

“You’re the one who promised to look after him!” Jay reminded.

“But THIS!!I can’t do this!I can’t even think of the right words to say it!” Kai complained.

“Which is WHY we ALL will tell her and Wu!!” Nya shouted composing their argument.

They stayed stood in silence and Zane finally broke the silence.

“We are almost at the monastery.” Zane told them.

“Thanks,Zane!It feels nice to see someone broke the awkward silence!” Jay joked and they all laughed, except Zane.

Zane just looked at them in full of confusion, Jay noticed and told him that he would explain soon. Finally, they arrived at the monastery. Kai, Nya, and Cole took Lloyd to his room where Misako was waiting while sitting on her son’s bed. Once they put Lloyd on his bed, Misako placed Lloyd’s head on her lap while stroking his head.

“Harumi didn’t do anything to him,did she?!” Misako asked worryingly.

“We’re not sure.” Kai answered.

“But when we arrived to the room they were in,Harumi was asleep,with him.” Nya added.

“And everytime we tried to take Lloyd from Harumi,she just moved closer to Lloyd.Even when we made the loudest noise as possible,she didn’t even wake up.She just slept peacefully while she was extremely close to Lloyd.” Cole finished and that worried Misako.

“What is she up to?Hasn’t she had enough hurting my son already?!” Misako asked with some anger rising in her.

“Don’t worry,Mrs.Garmadon.We will make sure Harumi stays away from your son.” Kai assured Misako confidently.

“Thank you.” Misako thanked them with a smile.

But her smile started fading away as soon as Lloyd said the word, “Father..”

They all started getting even more worried, especially Misako. She held Lloyd closer to her and Lloyd started waking up.

“HARUMI,YOU BETTER STAY AWAY FROM ME!!” Lloyd yelled as soon as he woke up.

“Lloyd,calm down.Harumi will never go near you again.” Misako assured Lloyd and hugged him.

Lloyd was about to say something but he coughed so badly instead. Misako immediately asked Nya to get a glass of water and she ran to get the glass of water.

“Where…Where is she?” Lloyd asked in a weak voice.

“Who?” Cole asked pretending to not know who the she was.

“Nevermind.It doesn’t matter,I don’t want to talk about her ever again.” Lloyd said and leaned his head on Misako’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry,she won’t bother you no more.” Misako assured Lloyd.

“I hope.She’s really annoying.” Lloyd said and eventually fell asleep on Misako’s shoulder and Nya went in with the glass of water.

“I’ll give it to him once he wakes up.” Misako said and Nya handed the glass of water to her.

“Hope he’ll be better soon.” Nya prayed.

“Thanks,Nya.” Misako thanked with a smile and Nya, Kai, and Cole left the room.

Misako put the glass of water on the small table next to Lloyd’s bed and lay Lloyd down gently, trying not to wake him up.

“What has she done to you,Lloyd?” Misako asked and left the room and she locked the door.

Meanwhile, Harumi had just woken up in..

“A dungeon cell?!Where am I?!And where is Lloyd?!He was right next to me!!” Harumi asked in complete shock and heard some footsteps.

“Hello,Harumi.” Wu greeted coldly.

“Wu?Why am I here?Where is Lloyd?!” Harumi asked.

“Do NOT ask about my nephew ever again!!You have made a terrible mistake trying to even get close to him!” Wu shouted and Harumi started crying.

“I’m sorry!I do not want to harm your nephew no more,I promise!I just want to start over with h-” Harumi begged but was cut off by Zane’s voice.

“Lloyd does not want to have anything or do anything with you!” Zane told her.

“I know.But I really need to talk to him,please!” Harumi begged.

“Did you not hear what he said?!Lloyd does-” Wu said with anger but was cut off by Harumi’s cry.


“And what is that?” Zane asked coldly.

“Relationship.A real,very real,relationship.” Harumi answered while thinking about her moments with Lloyd.

The dark,full of stars sky,the night they were on the bridge just talking about how they feel about their role.

“I really wish I hadn’t done any of those things,especially to Lloyd.But I was so frustrated until-” Harumi said but was cut off by Wu.

“Tell that to Lloyd!But you do not have the chance because we will NEVER let you go near him!He’s already over you anyway so it’s so easy,more than easy,to keep him away from you!” Wu said aggressively and left with Zane.

“I REALLY MEAN IT!!I WANT TO BE TOGETHER WITH…” Harumi yelled while crying but her most emotional tear was for the one person she wished to be with since the beginning.

“Lloyd..” Harumi said softly while constantly thinking about all of her wonderful moments with Lloyd before she ruined it herself by revealing who she was behind the mask.