Aurel Stefanie

3D Animation & Visual Effect

Ninjago : I’m Only Yours and You’re Only Mine{Chapter 16}

Lloyd was sleeping with his head on Harumi’s lap while waiting to arrive at Garmadon’s old Monastery. Harumi managed to put Lloyd to sleep, but after she did, she soon got bored and did not dare to move. She was afraid she might wake Lloyd up, so she went to sleep too.

Misako went to check on them to make sure Lloyd was resting, and as soon as she entered the room, she couldn’t help but smile. The sight of Lloyd sleeping on Harumi’s lap reminded her of her time with Garmadon.

She slowly walked to them and sat close to Lloyd and placed her hand on Lloyd’s head. She leaned closer to her son and kissed his forehead. But then,..

~~~~~~ FLASHBACK ~~~~~~

Misako was reading a book in her room with Wu when Garmadon suddenly entered and collapsed on the bed. Misako and Wu got so worried and rushed over to him.

“Brother,what’s wrong?!” Wu asked worriedly.

But Garmadon did not answer. He just slept on the bed while snoring loudly.

Misako went over to him and placed her hand on Garmadon’s forehead. And she found out that Garmadon was sick.

“He’s not well.” Misako informed Wu.

“I’ll go make a cup of tea for him.” Wu said and rushed to the kitchen to make some tea for his sick brother.

Misako gently laid Garmadon down in a better position and pulled the blanket over his body,up to his shoulders and sat beside him. He was shivering and coughing a lot. Misako gently laid Garmadon’s head on her lap and tried to calm him down until Wu came in with the tea.

“Let him rest first.He can have his tea once he wakes up.” Wu suggested as he put the tea down on a small desk.

Misako agreed and Wu went out of the room to meditate. Misako stayed with Garmadon to keep him company. But she eventually got tired and fell asleep.

~~~~~~ FLASHBACK ENDS ~~~~~~

Misako shed a tear remembering the memory. She never thought she’d see such sight again, and she smiled that the sight of her son.

But that did not mean she had trusted Harumi completely yet. She was still uncertain about the girl and did not want Lloyd to feel the same feeling twice. The feeling of being betrayed and lied to. But so far, it seemed that the girl was taking care of Lloyd quite well. She managed to put Lloyd to sleep and allowed him to sleep on her lap. And when Wu told her about when Harumi left the Monastery for Lloyd, she became even more confused about the girl, but in a good way. She decided to wait first to see how Harumi behaves before jumping to conclusions. Either way, it involved her son’s life and happiness too, she did not want to take any unwanted risk.

She was about to stand up when a hand grabbed her arm. When she looked, she saw Lloyd holding her arm. Misako sat back down.

“What is it,Lloyd?Do you need something?” Misako asked.

Lloyd stayed quiet. Instead, he sat up and hugged Misako with his head leaning against her shoulder.

Because of Lloyd’s movement, which was sudden to Harumi, she got woken up and took a look at what was going on. She saw Lloyd and Misako hugging each other. And Lloyd seemed to have fallen asleep again. Harumi smiled at the sight.

But her smile soon turned to a frown as she realized someone was missing, Garmadon. She became more determined to find Garmadon and reunite Lloyd with his father. She decided to check with the ninja so she went to the bridge where the ninja were.

“Hey,guys.Sorry if I’m rushing,but..are we there yet?” Harumi asked.

“We’re 3 minutes away from the Monastery.” Zane answered.

“What’s wrong?” Nya asked.

Harumi looked down and turned to where Lloyd’s room was. The ninja waited patiently for her answer.

“I just want Lloyd to reunite with Garmadon again.When I saw him with his mother,I was very happy for him.But…I still knew there was something missing.Lloyd has been missing his father.And he will only feel better after reuniting with his father.” Harumi answered.

“We’ll find Garmadon.And Lloyd will be very happy to see his father again.” Jay assured.

“But it’s not just seeing.But bonding too.I’m scared they…might not get along and…a-and hurt each other.All because of me..” Harumi teared.

The ninja turned to each other with sad expressions and Cole went over to her and placed his hand on Harumi’s shoulder.

“How about we find Garmadon first,then worry about their relationship?We’re just as worried as you are.But right now,we need to focus on finding Lloyd’s father first.” Cole smiled and took a step back.

Harumi slowly wiped her tears and nodded, telling them that she agreed.

“We’re almost at the Monastery.Go inform Lloyd and Misako.” Kai told Harumi with a smile.

Harumi gladly did as Kai said. She went to Lloyd’s room and told him and his mother that they almost arrived at the Monastery. Lloyd was excited but nervous at the same time. Harumi and Misako noticed the nervous and worried look on Lloyd’s face.

“What’s the matter,Lloyd?Aren’t you excited to see your father again?” Misako asked.

But to the two female’s surprise, Lloyd shook his head.

“Why,Lloyd?You were very excited before we left.Why aren’t you excited now?” Harumi asked, worried and confused at the same time.

Lloyd only stayed silent. Harumi and Misako became more concerned. Until Kai ran in and informed they had arrived at the Monastery.

“Guys,we’re here.” Kai informed.

Misako and Harumi turned to Lloyd and Misako said, “Come on,Lloyd.Let’s go see if your father is here.”

But Lloyd did not want to go. He only pulled Misako down as she tried to stand up.

“What’s wrong,Lloyd?” Misako asked.

Lloyd shook his head, telling Misako he did not want to get up.

“Come on,buddy!We’ve arrived!You’ll be reunited with your father again!” Kai said, happily.

But Lloyd only stayed quiet. Misako turned back to Lloyd and was surprised. Lloyd was tearing up. Harumi was also surprised seeing it. And that was when they realized,..Lloyd was scared. Scared of coming face to face with Garmadon again.

Harumi felt more guilt rising in her. It was partly her fault, but she did not think it would make Lloyd be so afraid to see his father again.

She gently sat beside Lloyd and placed her hand on his shoulder, Lloyd turned to her.

“It’ll be ok,Lloyd.I’ll be here for you.” Harumi assured with a smile.

“You’ve seen how my father acts.He…He’ll try to destroy me again if-“

“He won’t do anything to you.I’ll make sure of that.Let me do the talking.” Harumi said softly with a smile.

But Lloyd was still scared. He leaned closer to Misako while still had his arms wrapped around her. Harumi could tell how afraid Lloyd was.

Harumi lifted her head up to look at Kai.

“Kai,can you go with the other ninja to see if Garmadon is in the Monastery.We’ll catch up if he is.” Harumi asked.

Kai nodded and left with the other ninja to check the place while Harumi and Misako stayed to calm Lloyd down.

Inside the Monastery, the ninja and Wu split up to find Garmadon. But when they reached the training room, their minds were flooded with memories.

“Hey,you remember when Lloyd challenged Garmadon here?He was very confident.” Jay chuckled.

“Too confident!He ended up hitting a pole!” Kai laughed.

They all laughed at the memory and continued searching for Garmadon. But so far, they did not have any luck. Garmadon was still nowhere to be found.

“Where is this guy?!His son is sick and he’s nowhere to be found?!” Jay complained.

“Calm yourself,Jay.This is not the way to help Lloyd.” Wu said.

“Where else should we look?” Kai asked.

Everyone turned to each other, waiting for an answer. But no one said a word. None of them knew where to look.

“We should get back on the bounty.We’ll discuss what to do next.” Wu suggested.

So they all went back to the bounty.

Kai told them how scared Lloyd was when they arrived.

“He was afraid?Of what?” Jay asked.

“Of meeting his father.He was tearing up and hugged his mother tight like he never wanted to let go,but it wasn’t in a good way.” Kai sighed.

“Let’s check up on him.Who knows?He might have calmed down.” Cole suggested.

They all agreed and walked to Lloyd’s room together.

But when they entered Lloyd’s room,..

“Where did they go?!”