Aurel Stefanie

3D Animation & Visual Effect

Ninjago : I’m Only Yours and You’re Only Mine {Chapter 8}

It was midnight and everyone was asleep, except for Wu, Lloyd, and Harumi. Harumi was waiting in Wu’s meditation room while Wu was trying to get Lloyd to go to sleep instead of reading his book, again.

“Come on,Lloyd.Enough with the books!” Wu told Lloyd as he grabbed Lloyd’s book from him.

“Uncle Wu,don’t leave me in a cliffhanger!” Lloyd whined as he tried to grab the book from Wu and fell off the bed, which woke Misako up.

“What’s going on?” Misako asked with an exhausted voice.

“It appears that Lloyd needs to have his book taken from him again.” Wu answered and Misako looked at Lloyd with a disappointed face as Lloyd hid behind Wu.

“Lloyd,get over here.” Misako told Lloyd as she gestured for Lloyd to lay down next to her.

Lloyd slowly crawled on the bed and laid down next to Misako.

“What were you reading until you couldn’t leave it?” Misako asked.

“Your….journal about some unknown places.They’re very interesting.I just couldn’t stop reading about those places.” Lloyd answered.

“I’m gonna guess you want to go there someday.” Misako said.

“Yeah.” Lloyd chuckled.

“You can once you get better.We’ll go with your friends.But only if you listen to what I say,get some rest,don’t sleep late,eat properly,take your medicine.” Misako said.

“Easy peasy!” Lloyd said and immediately tucked himself in.

Misako and Wu chuckled as Lloyd kept trying to sleep, but he just couldn’t.

“I will leave you two alone.” Wu said and left the room.

“Goodnight,uncle Wu.” Lloyd said.

“Goodnight,Lloyd.” Wu replied and closed the door.

“Come on,now you gotta sleep.” Misako said as Lloyd leaned his head on Misako’s shoulder.

“Mom.” Lloyd called.

“Hm?” Misako asked.

“Is it weird for me to think that….Harumi actually…risked her life…for me?” Lloyd asked.

“What makes you think that?Did she do anything to you?” Misako asked.

“No.But..her hands were bleeding and her tears…it looked so real,like she wasn’t pretending at all.” Lloyd said.

“You still have feelings for her,don’t you?” Misako asked.

“What?No!I just feels weird,I don’t know how to feel anymore.” Lloyd answered.

“We’ll talk about it tomorrow.You need to sleep.” Misako said.

“I’m not sure if I’ll be able to sleep.” Lloyd said.

“You want to look at the stars first?You always fall asleep while looking at the stars.” Misako offered.

“I’m not a little boy anymore,mom.” Lloyd said.

“But you still love the stars,don’t you?” Misako asked.

“Yeah.They’re way to beautiful to resist.” Lloyd answered.

“Then why don’t you go look at them?” Misako asked as Lloyd rushed to his window and looked at the stars.

Misako chuckled and went to him. She held Lloyd closer to her while looking at the stars.

“Mom.” Lloyd called.

“Yes,Lloyd?” Misako asked.

“When someone act once and they’re so good at it,is it weird to believe that what we assume was an act…was actually not an act?” Lloyd asked and Misako knew where it came from.

“Did…Harumi do something to you?” Misako asked.

“Not really.She just left some blood stain on my sleeve,but that was because I was about to punch her.” Lloyd answered.

“Oh,I see.” Misako replied.

“So,is it wei-” Lloyd asked again but he coughed while he was talking.

“Don’t worry about that right now,you should rest.It’s getting late anyway.” Misako said and took Lloyd to his bed.

She laid him down and covered his body(Up to his shoulder) with his blanket and tucked him in.

“Goodnight,mom.” Lloyd said as Misako kissed his forehead.

“Goodnight,son.” Misako replied and Lloyd slowly went to sleep.

Misako stroked his head lovingly and laid down on the other side of the bed(Next to Lloyd on the left side of him). She placed her right hand on Lloyd’s head and went to sleep. Meanwhile, Harumi was still standing in Wu’s meditation room, waiting for Wu to tell her how he knew her true intention, or you could call it “the truth”.

“How did he know why I took Lloyd with me?” Harumi asked while wandering around the room.

“Because I had been wondering about something.” Wu answered as he entered the room and Harumi looked at him confusedly.

“Wondering about what?And what does it have anything to do with who knows how you know my true intention?” Harumi asked.

“Come with me and both of those questions will be answered immediately.” Wu answered as he gestured for Harumi to follow him, and she did.

“Where are we going?” Harumi asked.

“That will also be answered immediately.” Wu answered and Harumi was confused and annoyed at the same time.

They kept walking until they reached a bedroom, and Harumi seemed to recognize it right away.

“Lloyd’s room?” Harumi asked as Wu silently opened the door.

They walked in and Harumi looked at the bed and saw 2 people sleeping, they were Lloyd and his mother, Misako. Misako’s hand was still on Lloyd’s head while she was sleeping and Harumi couldn’t help but smile at the sight.

“Harumi.” Wu called.

Harumi looked at him as he gestured for her to come to him, she walked to Wu and he showed the two pictures. A picture of her and a picture of her with Lloyd holding each other’s hands.

“He….He still keeps these pictures?” Harumi asked in disbelief.

“He does.” Wu answered.

“What about the book I gave him?” Harumi asked and Wu looked down.

“He..threw it away?” Harumi asked, felt like crying.

“……Even worse I’m afraid.” Wu said and Harumi was preparing herself to hear what Wu was going to say, but when Wu spoke, she was still unprepared.

“He…burnt it..” Wu said and Harumi was so unprepared and she held her crying, she did not want Lloyd nor Misako to hear her.

“I’m sorry.” Wu apologized and Harumi looked at him and shook her head.

“Why are you the one who’s sorry?I’m the reason he burnt the book and….the reason he hates me and….Garmadon,his own father.” Harumi said with so much regret.

“But…why would he keep those two pictures?He hates me.” Harumi asked.

“That,only Lloyd can answer.” Wu answered and Harumi panicked.

“You crazy?!I can’t ask that,he’ll just be assuming that I’m up to something bad again!He does not trust me no more!” Harumi panicked not so loudly, she was still afraid of waking Lloyd and Misako up.

“Perhaps you should spend more time with him.Sooner or later,he will see your true intention.” Wu said and Harumi thought about it.

“I mean he is a ninja and he goes on adventure a lot.Maybe I can go with him,even though the other ninja will be going to who knows where to.” Harumi said.

“I will tell them tomorrow at breakfast.” Wu said and something worried Harumi.

“But what about his mother?” Harumi asked.

“Leave her and the other ninja to me,you should focus on fixing your string of friendship with Lloyd.” Wu answered.

“Well,…that’ll be a great start.” Harumi said as she turned to Lloyd and walked to him quietly.

She locked her eyes on Lloyd and she blindly placed her right hand on Lloyd’s left cheek.

“I’ll make up for what I did in the past,especially to you.Whether you like the way I do it or not,I’m not gonna stop until I make up for it.I promise.” Harumi said to Lloyd as he changed position while sleeping, turning away from her.

She turned to Wu and Wu gestured for her to follow him, again. She followed him to a guest room and she sat on the bed.

“This is where you will stay.And for tomorrow, to get you and Lloyd to spend time together,I’ll tell him to go shopping with you.” Wu said.

“Shopping?Why shopping?” Harumi asked.

“You need clothes and other stuff.I’ll give the money to Lloyd to make sure he goes with you and you both can go around the city to buy some necessity stuff.And it will be easier because he said he wanted to buy more books right after he gets better.Assuming tomorrow he will be better,he’ll go to the city tomorrow.” Wu said.

“You sure this is a good idea?” Harumi asked, feeling nervous.

“Have faith.” Wu answered and left the room.

“What faith?” Harumi asked and laid down on the bed.

She sighed and looked out of the window, then she got up from the bed and walked to the window. She stared at the stars and remembered when she and Lloyd were on the bridge, below the stars.

~~~~~~ FLASHBACK ~~~~~~

Lloyd and Harumi were standing on the bridge, mesmerizing the stars while holding each other’s hands. Then they finally looked at each other right in the eyes and they were about to kiss, but something flew above them, across the sky. Shooting stars, they smiled and decided to make a wish.

“I hope my plan works so I can avenge my parents.” Harumi wished in her mind then she turned her attention to Lloyd.

“What wish did you make?” Lloyd asked.

“I’m not telling you!How will it come true?” Harumi answered and chuckled.

Lloyd also chuckled and said, “Alright,no telling each other our wishes until the time is right.”

“Deal!” Harumi replied and chuckled.

Lloyd looked at the night sky again and asked, “The stars are really pretty,aren’t they?”

“They sure are.” Harumi answered, still staring at the stars.

“Those stars are right next to each other,and they seem to be the brightest stars.” Lloyd said in awe.

“Want to claim those stars?” Harumi asked.

“Sure.” Lloyd answered and Harumi leaned her head on Lloyd’s left shoulder.

She smiled seeing the two shiniest stars in the night sky, but her smile went down to a frown. She was worried about the choice she had to make, between her plan to avenge her parents and Lloyd.

~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

She smiled remembering the moment, she was about to go back to bed until she thought of something.

“That’s it!I know how to fix my relationship with Lloyd!” Harumi said to herself while staring at the stars.

She walked to her bed and tucked herself in. She couldn’t wait until tomorrow so she went to sleep right away.