Aurel Stefanie

3D Animation & Visual Effect

Ninjago : I’m Only Yours and You’re Only Mine {Chapter 1}

After the S.O.G were defeated, Ninjago had been at peace for several months. Everyone including the ninja were so calmed and relaxed, but not one.

She was walking around the city, trying so hard to avoid the citizens. She was rather glad that everyone believed she was dead. But she wondered so many times if he believed she was dead.

“I have to go see him.” She thought to herself and nearly took a step, but then she thought, “Maybe now is not the right time.”

Then she sat down in the dark again, she had been living in the streets and in the dark. She kept being quiet for months, hadn’t spoken a single word, except one. Lloyd.

At the Monastery, everything was absolutely fine, or maybe it was more like, absolutely lazily fine.

“Jay,stop playing video games!” Nya told Jay.

“Just one more hour and then I’ll be done!I promise!” Jay said.

“You keep saying that everytime I tell you to stop!But fine,just one hour,but then you have to stop!” Nya said and left while Jay continued playing his video games.

Meanwhile, let’s just say, some ninja were busy as in, not so lazy.

“Zane,can you pass me the pliers?” Pixal asked.

“Sure thing,Pix!” Zane replied and passed the pliers to Pixal by throwing it to her.

“Thanks!” Pixal said after she caught the pliers.

And meanwhile in Lloyd’s room, he was reading a book, maybe several books. There were 485 books in his room, 10 shelves with 6 levels in each shelves. He already had a lot but he still wanted more books. His friends kept asking him about having so many books and wanting more books, but his answer was always the same.

I can never have enough books.”

He even stayed up late at night just to read books, he even often fell asleep on the book he was reading. He even sometimes read Misako’s scrolls, old and new.

It was night time, and everyone was at the dinner table, everyone except Lloyd.

“I think he’s really obsessed with reading.He’s been reading for months.” Kai said.

“And he kept asking and buying more and more books!His room will turn into a library bedroom!” Jay added.

“At least he’s doing something useful.” Master Wu said.

“Sort of useful.” Misako added.

“Why is that?I mean,why is it sort of useful?” Cole asked.

“It’s good that he loves reading and it will help him to learn more about things,but..” Misako started answering.

“But..?” Master Wu asked.

“But he kept staying up late at night because he was reading.Every night,I had to check up on him to make sure he was asleep.I sometimes find him asleep,but not on his bed.He fell asleep on his desk with a book as his pillow,sometimes it’s 2-3 books.” Misako finished her answer and everyone was shocked.

“He reads more than one book at ONCE?!” Nya asked as she was shocked.

“I guess.I’m gonna go get him.” Misako said and went to Lloyd’s room.

“Wow.He’s really obsessed with reading.” Cole said.

“Why do I have a feeling he’ll be a book monster after he became a candy monster when he was a little kid?” Jay asked with a giggle.

“He sometimes take his mother’s scrolls and read them,notice and unnoticed.” Master Wu told them and they froze in shock.

“I think I might be able to give all of my books to him.” Cole joked.

With Misako, she was trying to snap Lloyd out of his books. He was sitting down on his bed while reading his book.

“Lloyd,come on,it’s time for dinner!” Misako told Lloyd but Lloyd was too busy reading his book until he didn’t hear Misako.

“Lloyd!Come on,you can’t be reading all day!” Misako told Lloyd again but Lloyd still couldn’t hear her because he was too focused on his books.

Misako had no choice but to take the book from Lloyd’s hands.

“Mom,I was reading that!” Lloyd complained.

“It’s time for dinner,Lloyd.You can read again tomorrow.” Misako told Lloyd.

“Tomorrow?!” Lloyd asked with a frown.

“Tomorrow.You need a break from these books.” Misako said.

Lloyd showed a not very happy face to his mother and Misako decided to pull him to the kitchen after she put the book on Lloyd’s desk.

“Mom,I have to finish that book!” Lloyd complained while trying to go back into his room.

“Tomorrow,Lloyd!” Misako told Lloyd and sat him down on the chair next to hers.

“Can I at least read while I eat?” Lloyd asked.

“No,Lloyd.You have to eat.If you read while eating,you won’t be eating.” Misako answered and put Lloyd’s food infront of him.

Lloyd immediately started eating so he could go back to reading his book and not have to wait until tomorrow. Master Wu noticed how Lloyd was eating and he told Lloyd to eat slowly.

“I need to finish my book.” Lloyd said.

“But you have to eat properly or you might-” Master Wu said but Lloyd suddenly got choked by the food that was in his mouth and he coughed.

“Choked..” Master Wu finished his sentence.

Zane immediately got a glass of water for Lloyd and Lloyd drank the water, and after he drank the water, he felt better.

“Thanks,Zane.” Lloyd said.

“No probs,Lloyd.” Zane replied and asked, “Are you ok though?”

“I’m ok.” Lloyd answered.

“Don’t rush when you eat,Lloyd.” Misako told Lloyd.

“I won’t,mom.” Lloyd replied and continued eating slowly.

After 16 minutes, they finally finished eating. Everyone went to their room, except Misako. She wanted to make sure Lloyd wouldn’t go on his books again. And Lloyd did go on his books and continued reading the book he was reading before dinner. But while he was reading the first paragraph on page 48 in his book, his mother grab the book from him.

“Mom..!” Lloyd whined.

“You need a rest from books,Lloyd!” Misako told Lloyd.

“Just one book and then I’ll sleep,I promise.” Lloyd said while trying to grab his book from Misako’s hand.

“Even if you read one book,you’ll be staying up late at night.You’ll probably fall asleep on your book and I’ll have to get the book from your hands and put you on a better position in sleeping.” Misako said.

“I won’t fall asleep,mom.I promise.” Lloyd said.

“No,Lloyd.Go to sleep right now!” Misako told Lloyd and put the book on Lloyd’s shelf.

Lloyd sighed and his mother was watching him to make sure he went to sleep. Lloyd “went to sleep” and Misako left to her room. When Lloyd noticed that his mother left, he quietly grab the book he was reading and he started reading it on his desk.

Meanwhile, in the alley, she was trying to sleep but couldn’t, it was very uncomfortable for her to sleep on a hard ground.

“I can’t sleep!It’s so uncomfortable!” She complained and threw a tin can across the street with anger.

Then, she suddenly got a flash of his smile. She wished she could see him and stay with him, or even better, be with him.

“I have to go to him.I’ll go tomorrow.” She said to herself, but then she thought, “Will he….even accept me back?Will he even forgive me after…after what I had done to him?”

She started growing even more worried and sad. She started crying and she suddenly felt a hand wiping the tears off her face, but when she touched her face, she still felt the tears, as if it was never wiped. When she looked up, she saw no one. It was then she realized, it was just a hallucination, a hallucination of someone she held close in her heart. The sky started raining and she looked up with tears rolling down her cheeks.

“I’m sorry..” She said in her mind while crying.

The next day, at the Monastery, Misako went to check on Lloyd. When she entered her room, she was disappointed to see that her son was reading a book and fell asleep on it, again. She sighed and stood next to Lloyd while waiting for him to wake up.

“Lloyd!” Misako called.

Lloyd still did not wake up, he just kept sleeping.

“Nya,I need your help!” Misako shouted and Nya came in the room.

“What do you need help with,Misako?” Nya asked.

Misako showed Lloyd sleeping on his desk and Nya knew what she had to do.

“But what about his books?Won’t it get wet?” Nya asked.

Misako took the book from the desk and Nya splashed Lloyd with her water powers and Lloyd immediately woke up in shock.

“Gah!!” Lloyd shouted and saw Nya and Misako standing next to him.

“How was the story in your book,Lloyd?” Misako asked in disappointment.

“U-Umm….” Lloyd started nervously.

“How late did you sleep at night?” Misako asked in disappointment.

“Umm….about….1 p.m..?” Lloyd answered knowing that his mother would probably yell at him or something.

“That’s it,I’m taking the books from you!” Misako said and started grabbing Lloyd’s books.

“Mom,please don’t take my books away from me!” Lloyd begged.

Misako just ignored Lloyd’s beg and continued grabbing his books. After she grab all of the books and put them inside some boxes, she hid them somewhere in the Monastery.

“You can’t do this to me,mom!” Lloyd said.

“Yes,I can!I’m your mother,Lloyd!And you read a book and stayed up late!I can’t just let this continue,this isn’t good for you!” Misako replied.

“I’m not a little kid anymore,mom!!” Lloyd complained.

“I know,but you still can’t do this!” Misako replied.

“I won’t do it again,mom!I promise!” Lloyd said but his mother didn’t trust him.

“I don’t trust you anymore,Lloyd.” Misako said.

“What?!Mom..!” Lloyd complained but Misako just left the room with Nya.

Lloyd tried to hold his tears, but there were still tears rolling down his cheeks.

“I shouldn’t have done that.” Lloyd said to himself and sat on his bed.

“Lloyd,it’s time to train!” Kai told Lloyd.

“Ok,I’m coming.” Lloyd replied and went to his door.

“You ok,buddy?You look like you haven’t slept in ages.” Kai asked.

“I’m fine,Kai.Let’s just get to training.” Lloyd answered and they went to the training field.

Once Lloyd arrived at the training field, he saw Master Wu’s expression towards him.

“What?” Lloyd asked.

“When will you listen to us?Especially your mother?” Master Wu asked with disappointment.

“I just love books,ok?” Lloyd answered while he was feeling tired.

“Your mother said you should sleep early tonight.” Master Wu told Lloyd and Lloyd sighed.

“Fine.” Lloyd replied and they started training.

But while they were training, Lloyd saw the painting, he was super pissed when he saw the paintings of Harumi. He accidentally blast the paintings with all of his powers and he fainted.

“Lloyd!!” They all shouted and ran to Lloyd.

Master Wu held Lloyd and told the ninja to take him to his room, and they did as they were told. Misako saw them carrying Lloyd to his room and started to get worried.

“What happened?” Misako asked with anxiety.

“He used all of his powers by accident.” Master Wu answered.

Misako sighed and said, “At least he’ll get enough sleep now.”

Misako walked to Lloyd’s room and sat next to him.

“He blasted two paintings and he just fainted.” Cole told Misako what happened.

“He hasn’t slept well because he was reading.” Misako said.

“I don’t think that’s why.” Nya said.

“Why not?” Misako asked while putting a wet cloth on Lloyd’s forehead.

“Before he blasted the paintings,we saw his expression.It was” Kai started answering.

“Like what?” Misako asked as her anxiety grew.

“Anger..” Kai finished his answer.

Misako was confused on why Lloyd was angry, she thought it was because she took all of his books from him. But then she thought about which two paintings Lloyd blasted before he fainted.

“Which 2 paintings did he blast?” Misako asked.

“We’ll show you.” Zane answered and they went to the training field, leaving Lloyd to rest in his room.

At the training field, the ninja showed Misako the two broken paintings, or rather, the broken walls. Misako studied all of the paintings and finally noticed which paintings were broken.

“It really wasn’t because he was tired,it was because he was angry with..” Misako started but was interrupted by the loud sound in Lloyd’s room, it was a glass breaking.

They immediately ran to Lloyd’s room and they saw the broken glass from a photo frame of Lloyd and his parents. And when they looked at Lloyd, they saw someone was near him, placing a hand on Lloyd’s left cheek while that person was standing next to him on the right side and they knew who it was right away.

“Harumi?!” They shouted in shock.