Aurel Stefanie

3D Animation & Visual Effect

Ninjago : I’m Only Yours and You’re Only Mine {Chapter 9}

It was the next morning and the sun shone through Harumi’s window and shone at her face, which woke her up. She was getting a bit grumpy because she was woken up by the shining sunlight, but then she was really happy that it woke her up. She was gonna rush to her closet when she noticed a shadow coming from her door. She looked and was shocked to see Wu standing in front of the door.

“Wu,when did you come in here?” Harumi asked.

“Just now.Come on,you gotta get ready,Lloyd will be awake soon.” Wu said.

Harumi was beyond excited so she immediately stood up and they went to the kitchen. In there, Wu sat down and Harumi was hiding under the table. She was nervous, but she gathered all of her courage and waited for everyone to enter the room. Meanwhile, Misako had just woken up and she got worried as soon as she saw that Lloyd was not on the bed anymore.

“Lloyd?Lloyd,where are you?!” Misako asked in worries.

“I’m in the shower,mom!” Lloyd answered while having a shower.

“How are you feeling?” Misako asked.

“Better!” Lloyd answered.

“That’s good.After you’re done with your shower come to breakfast,I’ll prepare it for you!” Misako told Lloyd.

“Ok,mom!” Lloyd answered.

Misako got out of bed and went to her room to fix her hair and change her clothes. But while she was doing her hair, she remembered when Garmadon was styling her hair in braids, a few days before Lloyd was born.

~~~~~~ FLASHBACK ~~~~~~

Misako was sitting on her bed, trying to braid her hair. But it was pretty hard for her to do it by herself. She was about to leave it be until Garmadon came and help her.

“You could’ve asked me for help.You know that,right?” Garmadon teased while braiding Misako’s hair.

“I thought you were busy training with Wu.” Misako chuckled.

“Wu wanted to have some tea first.” Garmadon said.

“Oh.” Misako chuckled as Garmadon tied the end of her braid.

“Your braid is done.” Garmadon said as he placed his hands on Misako’s shoulder.

“Thanks,Garm.” Misako thanked and placed her left hand on Garmadon’s.

~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

She sighed, wishing that moment would come back, but there was nothing she could do but wait for the time when Garmadon would turn good again and be reunited with her and Lloyd once again. She went to the kitchen and saw that Wu was already sitting at the table, drinking tea.

“This is new.Usually the ninja are here this early.” Misako said while walking towards Wu.

“I told them to get more rest,today will be a lot of training.” Wu lied.

“Well,Lloyd is taking a shower right now so I’m gonna prepare his food so he can eat as soon as he finishes taking a shower.” Misako said as she walked to the fridge to get 2 eggs.

“Alright.I will speak to him after he has his breakfast.” Wu said.

“About what?” Misako asked.

“It’s just..something important.” Wu answered and Misako felt a bit suspicious.

“What’s important?” Misako asked.

“It’s just something about training.” Wu lied.

“Alright.I’m gonna make his breakfast now.” Misako said and started making Lloyd’s breakfast.

After a minute, the ninja except Lloyd went in the kitchen and sat at the table.

“What are you making,Misako?” Nya asked.

“A breakfast for Lloyd.” Misako answered simply.

“Where is he?” Cole asked.

“Is he still not well?” Jay asked a little concerned.

“He’s alright now.He’s just taking a shower.” Misako answered and the ninja were relieved.

“That’s good to hear.” Nya said with a relieved smile.

Misako finished making Lloyd’s breakfast and Wu stood up.

“I’ll give him his breakfast.” Wu volunteered.

“It’s ok,Wu.I can give him his breakfast.” Misako said.

“I need to talk to him.” Wu insisted.

“Alright.He should be out of the shower now anyway.Probably reading a book.” Misako said as she handed Lloyd’s breakfast to Wu.

“Ok,I’ll take care of it.” Wu said as Misako turned around to help Zane with the breakfast and everyone was busy with their stuff.

“Let’s go.” Wu whispered to Harumi under the table and they went to Lloyd’s room as quiet as possible.

In Lloyd’s room, just like Misako said, he was already out of the shower and was reading a book. And he was….. you could say,…. “in the book”.

“Lloyd.” Wu called as he entered his nephew’s room.

But since Lloyd was “in the book”, he could not hear Wu calling him.

“Nephew,put that book away,we need to talk.” Wu said but Lloyd was still “in the book”.

Wu put Lloyd’s breakfast on his desk and took the book from him.

“Hey!!Uncle Wu,I was reading that!” Lloyd whined.

“You can read it again later.For now,I need to talk to you,it’s very important.” Wu told Lloyd.

“What is it,uncle?Is everything ok?” Lloyd asked.

“Everything’s fine and it will be better.” Wu answered which confused Lloyd.

“I’m confused,Uncle Wu.” Lloyd said as Wu smiled and moved aside to reveal


behind him.

“H-Hey,Lloyd.I..uhh….” Harumi started speaking but Lloyd refused to listen.

He tried to take the book he was reading from Wu but he fell instead.

“Lloyd,are you ok?!” Harumi asked in worries and ran to Lloyd to help him.

“DON’T TOUCH ME!!” Lloyd yelled as he pushed Harumi away.

“Lloyd.” Wu called as Lloyd turned his attention to Wu.

“You’re gonna spend time with Harumi for the whole day.” Wu said which shocked Lloyd.

“Haha!Very funny,uncle!” Lloyd said sarcastically.

“Lloyd,he’s not joking.” Harumi told Lloyd which Lloyd did not believe.

“Quit the a-” Lloyd said but Harumi cut him off.

“IT’S NOT AN ACT,LLOYD!!IT’S FOR REAL!!” Harumi cut Lloyd off as she hugged him tight.

Lloyd just ignored Harumi’s tight hug and looked at Wu.

“She’s right,Lloyd.It’s for real.” Wu said and Lloyd still didn’t believe it.

“Nice joke,now just get out of my room,please!” Lloyd replied coldly and pushed Harumi away.

“This isn’t a joke,Lloyd.You really are going to be spending time with Harumi throughout the whole day.” Wu told Lloyd and he finally understood that none of them were joking.

“Why would you listen to her,Master Wu?!You remember what she did!!What she did to everyone,especially me!!” Lloyd complained.

“This wasn’t her idea,Lloyd.It was mine,I told her that you two should spend the whole day together.” Wu said.

“I do NOT agree to this,uncle!I think I would much prefer die training than die spending time with this psychopath a.k.a HEARTBREAKER!!” Lloyd scolded.

“She doesn’t have any weapons with her,nephew.Plus,you really need to calm down,especially when everytime you hear or see Harumi in any…way or any…thing.” Wu said.

“SHE’S THE REASON MY FATHER IS NOT MY FATHER ANYMORE,WU!!!!” Lloyd yelled and ran out of the room and into the courtyard.

He panted while holding onto the dragon statue with his hand and punched the statue.

“There’s no way I’m spending 1 second of my life with that little heartbreaker again!!Can’t believe Uncle Wu even fell for one of her traps,I gotta get out of here and think of a plan to stop her once and for all!” Lloyd told himself and flew off on his dragon.

After an hour, he finally made it to the city. He was so relieved that he got away from the Monastery, especially from the white hair girl.

“Gosh,I’m finally out of there,AWAY from that heartbreaker!” Lloyd shouted and took a deep breath.

“I gotta calm down.Well it’s a good thing I came here,I can get some fre…sh….a-air…” Lloyd said before he blacked out due to him not eating his breakfast and just ran off from the Monastery.

He was in the dark alley way, so no one was there to help him. Except..

“He’ll never change.” A person said and he/she carried Lloyd bridal style and took him to the Monastery.

At the Monastery, Lloyd was laid down back on his bed and his breakfast was still on his desk. When he woke up, he felt something on his left upper chest.

“What…Why do I feel something on my-?” Lloyd asked but stopped when he felt a head on his left upper chest with his hand.

“Who..?” Lloyd asked and was shocked to see whose head was leaning against his upper chest.

“GET OFF OF ME!!” He yelled and pushed the head away.

“Ow..!” The other person whined.

“What do you think you’re doing?!And how did I get here?!I thought I was in the city!” Lloyd shouted.

“You were.But you didn’t eat your breakfast so you fainted and….I brought you back here,to the Monastery,to your room.” Harumi said a bit shyly.

“Oh my gosh,give me a bre-” Lloyd complained but Harumi cut him off.


“I DON’T HATE YOU BECAUSE YOU WERE EVIL,I HATE YOU BECAUSE YOU USED MY HEART AS YOUR WEAPON!!YOU USED IT AGAINST ME!!” Lloyd yelled and nearly slapped Harumi hard, but she blocked it.

“Listen,I know what I did was…unforgivable.But I was lost!First I lost my parents,then I was adopted by the Royals who barely even pay attention to me,stuck with those strict rules and I was alone!How was I not suppose to forget the plan I made?!I had no one to comfort me!At least,..until our…night together..But that was so quick,Hutchins just HAD to show up and take me!Then we were at the bounty but the other ninjas were there too!To be perfectly honest,you were the only one who comforted me.” Harumi said.

“But I thought I killed your parents!Why would you feel comfortable with me?!” Lloyd asked.

“Turns out…I looked back in the past WAY too far.Like,I was off point.” Harumi answered in guilt.

“You don’t say!” Lloyd replied coldly.

They both looked away from each other for 3 minutes until Harumi decided to break the silence.

“You need to start eating your breakfast since you haven’t eaten anything.It’s already 9 a.m!” Harumi said.

“I’m fine!” Lloyd replied.

“Not to me.You passed out a few minutes ago until I had to carry you here.” Harumi teased.

“Stop acting like you’re my mother!She lives here in the Monastery!” Lloyd complained.

“If it means you will eat,then I will keep acting like your mommy!” Harumi replied and Lloyd felt so irritated.

“It’s either you eat or I’ll feed you!” Harumi threatened teasingly.

“Seriously?” Lloyd asked annoyedly.

“Yes,seriously.So you better decide or I will decide right now!” Harumi threatened teasingly again.

Lloyd sighed and said, “Fine,I’ll eat!But you better get out of my room!”

“I’m not going anywhere.” Harumi said.

“What do you want now?!” Lloyd asked really annoyed.

“I gotta make sure that you eat.” Harumi answered.

“Why?!” Lloyd asked.

“Because I want to!Plus,Wu locked the door from outside.” Harumi answered.

“He WHAT?!?!” Lloyd asked in shock and annoyance.

Harumi just shrugged while she smiled and Lloyd huffed.

“Fine,but you better not do anything or-” Lloyd warned but Harumi cut him off.

“I know,I know!Or I’ll get the consequence!Now can you please eat?!” Harumi said.

Lloyd just walked to his desk and started eating, but felt uncomfortable since Harumi was sitting behind him on his bed. He suddenly stopped eating. Harumi noticed Lloyd stopped eating and walked to him.

“What’s wrong now?” Harumi asked.

“Just leave me alone!Alright?!” Lloyd shouted.

“If you want me to leave you alone,then why have you stopped eating?” Harumi asked.

“It’s none of your business,alright?!Now leave me alone!!” Lloyd shouted.

But instead of walking away, Harumi grabbed the other chair and turned it 90° to face Lloyd and sat on it, facing him.

“What are you doing now?!” Lloyd asked, getting really annoyed.

Harumi said nothing. Instead, she took a bit of Lloyd’s food with her hand and picked it up.

“What are you do-” Lloyd asked but stopped when he saw that Harumi was holding the food with her hand near his mouth.

“Well?What are you waiting for?Open up.” Harumi told him.

“Is this suppose to be one of your plan to kill me again?!” Lloyd asked.

“I have no intention to hurt anyone!Plus,I came here with nothing but wearing a ripped cloth!What could I possibly be able to do to hurt anyone?!” Harumi explained.

“I don’t know,you were always so sketchy.” Lloyd answered.

“Just eat your breakfast,Lloyd!Please!’ Harumi begged.

“Why?!So you could go buy things already and kill me?!” Lloyd asked.

“I don’t care about buying things nor killing!!I only care about the one person that is in front of me!!” Harumi shouted.

“Who?!” Lloyd asked.

Harumi started crying and asked, “Are you blind?!”

She put the food back on the plate and hugged Lloyd close.

“The one person is you!I care about you and only you!” Harumi cried.

“Nice game!Now get your hands away from me!!” Lloyd shouted as he tried to push Harumi away from him, but Harumi wouldn’t let go.

“This isn’t a game,Lloyd!I’m for real this time!” Harumi cried.

“Sure,sure!” Lloyd replied coldly.

“Please just eat your breakfast!” Harumi cried.

Lloyd sighed and turned to Harumi, which made her confused.

“Well,are you gonna move your hand or are you just gonna stare at me like that?!” Lloyd asked and Harumi chuckled.

Then she took a bit of Lloyd’s breakfast with her hand and brought it closer to Lloyd for him to eat. As soon as Lloyd swallowed the food, he realized that Harumi really didn’t put any deadly thing in it.

“Ok,maybe you really didn’t put anything in it.” Lloyd said.

“I told you.” Harumi replied and continued feeding Lloyd.

After the plate was empty, Harumi took the plate to….the door.

“What’s wrong?” Lloyd asked.

“I completely forgot that Wu locked the door.” Harumi answered.

“Oh my gosh!” Lloyd cried.

“Wait here.” Harumi said.

“What are you-” Lloyd asked,but stopped in shock when he saw Harumi teleported away.

“What in the world?!Since when does…w-when?!Since when does Harumi have powers?!” Lloyd asked in disbelief.