Aurel Stefanie

3D Animation & Visual Effect

Ninjago : I’m Only Yours and You’re Only Mine {Chapter 10}

It was 11.30 in the morning, Lloyd and Harumi were getting ready to go out. They tried to be as quiet as they could and Wu helped them.

“Do I really have to do this?” Lloyd asked.

“Yes,Lloyd.” Wu answered and Lloyd sighed.

Lloyd and Harumi went to the city and started looking for a store, well…at least Lloyd thought they were.

“Hurry up and choose a store!” Lloyd said.

“Can’t we just walk around?I don’t wanna be a bother.” Harumi suggested.

“You’re already a bother!” Lloyd replied.

“I know.” Harumi replied back.

They kept walking while having an….awkward silent. But Harumi decided to break the silence.

“How about we go to the library or book store?At least we both will enjoy our time there since we both love books.” Harumi suggested.

“I thought you needed clothes.” Lloyd said.

“It can wait.I’m pretty much in a reading mood.” Harumi said.

“Alright.” Lloyd replied and they walked to the nearest book store.

“This place sure is huge.” Harumi admired as soon as they entered the store.

“You don’t say.Where should we start?” Lloyd asked.

They both looked around and Harumi found the section Lloyd definitely would like.

“I see the section for Science.We can go there.” Harumi suggested.

“But I thought you dislike Science.” Lloyd said.

“I guess I can learn to like it.I did find some interesting things about it.” Harumi said.

“That’s not what you said in the bounty last time.” Lloyd said.

~~~~~~ FLASHBACK ~~~~~~

Lloyd was reading a book about Scientific stuff when Harumi entered the cabinet. She was wondering what Lloyd was reading so she peeked a bit at the book.

“Hey,Lloyd.” Harumi greeted.

“Oh,hey,Rumi.What do you need?” Lloyd greeted back.

“What are you reading?” Harumi asked.

“Just a little bit of Scientific stuff.” Lloyd answered.

“Is it ok if I join you?” Harumi asked.

“Sure.” Lloyd answered with a smile.

Harumi started reading the book with Lloyd. At first, she was enjoying the book and everything seemed to be going well. Until Harumi got bored of the book.

“What is this book?!” Harumi asked, starting to complain.

“It’s Science,Harumi.” Lloyd answered.

“Why is it filled with confusing stuff?!My brain is hurting because of it now!” Harumi whined and Lloyd let a small chuckle.

“You don’t have to keep on reading it if you don’t want to.” Lloyd said.

“I sure won’t.I really dislike it.There’s nothing interesting in it!” Harumi said.

~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

“Right..” Harumi said in embarrassment.

“So let’s just-” Lloyd started talking but was interrupted when Harumi pulled him to the Science section.

“You know,mostly when people complain like that,it means that they don’t understand.So…maybe you could….teach me?” Harumi asked.

“You sure?You said you brain was hurting because of it.” Lloyd said.

“When are you going to let go of the silly past?” Harumi teased and gently held Lloyd’s hands.

“Please?” Harumi pleaded with a soft begging voice.

Lloyd sighed and finally agreed, remembering that they were in the library which is no place for noise. They both sat down and started reading books. And since Harumi barely knows anything about Scientific stuff, they shared the same book. Lloyd explained every single thing that was on the book and Harumi seemed to be starting to enjoy it. She started to understand some things that was on the book. She found seeing how things look like pretty interesting and before they both knew it, Harumi’s head was leaning on Lloyd’s shoulder as they constantly read the book.

A few hours passed and they didn’t realize that it was already the afternoon. They rushed out of the library with the book they decided to borrow and was about to head back to the monastery, but Harumi still insisted that they stayed in the city a little longer.

“Lloyd.” Harumi called.

“What is it?” Lloyd asked.

“Can we..umm…is it ok if…we…just have lunch around here?You know, one of the restaurants here?I’m not…ready to go back yet.” Harumi asked.

“I guess.We need to get you some new clothes anyway.” Lloyd answered.

They walked to a nearby restaurant and sat on one of the most comfortable seats in the restaurant and started looking at the menu. But while they were choosing the food, Lloyd got a notification on his phone. He took his phone from his pocket and checked, it was a text from his mom.

Misako : “Lloyd,where are you?”

“Is everything ok?” Harumi asked.

“I got a text from my mom.She’s wondering where I’m at.” Lloyd answered.

Harumi got scared, she feared that if Lloyd told his mother that he was having lunch with her in a restaurant, she would get upset and take Lloyd away from her.

“Are…y-you going to…t-tell her?” Harumi asked, trying to sound cool, but she failed.

Lloyd looked at Harumi for a second and thought about it. But then he decided to not tell his mother, he just put his phone away. Harumi was confused.

“You’re…not gonna answer her?” Harumi asked.

“No.I think it’s best if she doesn’t know for now.” Lloyd answered and Harumi was relieved.

Then the waiter came to their table and asked if they were ready to order.

“I think I’ll have the roast chicken and a glass of water,please.” Lloyd said and the waiter wrote his order down.

“And how about you,miss?” The waiter asked.

“I think I’ll just have a salad and a glass of water.” Harumi said and the waiter wrote those order down.

“Thank you.Your food will be served soon.” The waiter said and walked away.

Then the moment of silent hit them. It went on and on and on until their food arrived. They started eating their food and Lloyd got another message from Misako.

Misako : “Lloyd,I know you love books but you need to come home and eat your lunch.It’s getting cold.”

“Oh great..” Lloyd said.

“What’s wrong?” Harumi asked.

“My mom just texted me again.She told me that my lunch at the monastery is getting cold and I won’t be able to eat it.” Lloyd answered.

“Oh..I guess it was a bad idea to do this then.” Harumi said, feeling bad.

“Don’t worry about it.We still need to get you new clothes anyway.” Lloyd said.

“We can just go home after we finish eating.My outfit isn’t that bad anyway.” Harumi said.

“Harumi, has cuts on it.And that is the only cloth you have right now,you can’t keep wearing that.” Lloyd said.

Harumi was confused, at first Lloyd acted like he hated her, but now he cared?

“Why do you..suddenly care?I thought….y-you hated me.” Harumi said.

“Well,…I did.But…I think I might be willing to give you a second chance.Please don’t waste it this time.” Lloyd said.

“I promise.” Harumi said with a smile.

They continued eating their lunch and once they finished, they paid for it and walked out to find a clothing store.

“Why don’t we go to that store over there?” Lloyd asked.

“You sure we should-” Harumi asked but Lloyd cut her off.

“Yes,we should get you clothes now.You can’t keep wearing the same thing over and over again.Now come on,you can choose whatever you want in that store.” Lloyd answered and pulled her to the store.

Once they entered the store, they looked around for some clothes for Harumi. But Harumi….wasn’t really looking. She kept playing her hands on a tank top, not really feeling like buying anything. Lloyd went to her and saw that she was playing her hands on the top.

“You want to buy this one?” Lloyd asked and it startled Harumi a little.

“U-Um…n-no.I just…I don’t..feel like buying any clothes.I can’t afford anything.” Harumi answered.

“I can pay for it.” Lloyd said.

“No,I can’t let you.You’ve already spend so much on me,I can’t ask you to do it again.” Harumi said.

So much?I’ve only spend some money on lunch and that’s it.” Lloyd said.

“But I didn’t even help pay for it!Let’s just go home and I’ll figure something out.” Harumi said.

“I don’t want my uncle lecturing me all day because of not getting you clothes.Just at least pick a few,just choose whatever.” Lloyd said.

“I can just look in the palace.My room wasn’t damaged that much anyway,some of my clothes are probably still ok.” Harumi said.

“I cleaned your room after the S.O.G Invasion was over,all of the dresses are ripped.” Lloyd said and Harumi started blushing.

Lloyd noticed and rolled his eyes.

“Don’t take it the wrong way.Just hurry up and choose some clothes!” Lloyd said coldly.

“Alright,alright!I’ll choose a few!” Harumi said and started walking around, actually looking for clothes.

She couldn’t find any clothes she like and started thinking about leaving, but she knew that Lloyd wouldn’t let them get out of the store until she chooses some clothes. She kept looking and eventually, found some clothes.

She grabbed the clothes and went to Lloyd.

“There,I chose a few.Now can we go?” Harumi asked as she showed Lloyd the clothes she chose.

“Sure.Let’s go.” Lloyd answered and they went to the cash register.

After they pay for the clothes, they went back to the Monastery. They snuck into Harumi’s room very quietly so that no one would notice them. Lucky for them, no one did. Lloyd immediately locked the door and was relieved that no one saw them coming in, and Harumi was just as relieved.

“I’ll organize my clothes,you should go to your mom.She’s probably worried about you.” Harumi said as she stood up and took all of her new clothes out of the bags.

“Alright,I’m going to-” Lloyd said but stopped talking once he opened the door.

“Mom?What are you doing standing there?” Lloyd asked.

“I saw you sneaking in with…” Misako started talking and both Lloyd and Harumi were nervous, guess they were not as cunning as they thought.

And they were nervous that Misako might have known that Harumi was out of her cell and they were out in the city together.

“I don’t know,but I saw someone behind you.” Misako said and they both felt relieved.

“By the way,where have you been?I messaged you so many times and you never reply.You only read the messages.” Misako asked.

“Oh,I…just wen to the library and..I guess I was too distracted.I didn’t want to leave the library and I was afraid you’d tell me to leave the library to come home so I just…left it on read instead and continue reading the books there.” Lloyd lied.

“Have you at least get some food on your way home?” Misako asked.

“Yes,I already ate.” Lloyd answered.

“Alright.” Misako replied and walked away.

Lloyd sighed in relief and turned to Harumi.

“You just stay here and do whatever.I’m gonna go to my room and read.” Lloyd said and walked out of the room and close the door behind him.

Harumi could only smile and hoped to earn Lloyd’s trust once more, and maybe…start things over with him.

A real thing.